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Qatar as a nation has a history of sports cultural background but the under study – the of College of North Atlantic – Qatar (CNA-Q) have not been willing to engage in fitness club in the college. CNA-Q is the second largest university in Qatar with student strength of about 2500. Even if 20% students are willing to join the fitness club, the club could be viable. This club would also be opened to the faculty and their family members to make the Club a profitable unit. Thus a marketing strategy for the college students of CNA-Q can be devised based on the information presented below.

Product & Services Offered The Fitness Club at the CNA-Q would carry gym equipments ranging from bull workers to treadmills and vibrators. At any point of time the Club does not expect to have more than 30 students working at different equipments and hence a total of 30 equipments would suffice. In addition the Club must have facilities for shower and locker as students may want to come in before class, take a shower and proceed to class.

All these equipments have a life cycle of about 5 years and hence provisions have to be made to ensure regular replacements of these equipments. Since sports is a popular activity in Qatar, with the right marketing strategy it is expected that this Fitness Club would be able to capture a sizeable market share in the sector. Current advertising strategy Currently the Fitness Club focuses on notices put up at the university news board and also intermittently advertises in the annual college magazine. However, the reach is limited as the budget is limited.

Technology is not being used to communicate the message to reach the target audience. Thus, the reach and the sales of the current strategy are limited in scope. Objective for media strategy Client Objectives Clients all over the world seek to lead a healthy lifestyle and are willing to go that extra mile to stay fit and healthy. Obesity and inertia is the major concern among all students. However, working out alone is not a very attractive proposition. Students would like to work in groups or attend the fitness club with friends.

This serves as a motivator to work put at the fitness club regularly. Campaign theme The theme of the campaign would be aligned to Client Objectives. At the centre of the theme would be the maxim: “Together, for a fitter tomorrow” – “fitter” represents the fact that fitness is at the centre of leaving a healthy life, “tomorrow” – since students are investing in future by studying at the university, and by joining the fitness centre. And “together” takes care of the fact that students like to work in groups. Market reach objectives determined The objective is to create awareness of the nutrition and fitness service for the male as well as the female students at the CNA-Q provided by the Health and Wellness Program.

It also aims to educate the students of the benefits of the wellness program and thereby stimulate the desire in them to avail of the benefits offered by the services. Media selection In addition to regular media for universities like notice boards/bulletin boards, using social media and online marketing techniques dud bring in the expected benefits.

In addition, online forums and local listings should be used. Another option that could be a nice way to reach out to the intended target audience in a focused manner is using local magazines or newspaper supplements for advertising. Also, in addition to the annual college magazine that the client is already advertising in, partnering with the student body by sponsoring student initiatives and college festivals could create awareness. This could be another way to gain mindshare and top-of-mind recall of the students. Advertising budgets/cost issues Online marketing and social media are low-cost marketing techniques.

The only elements that could make the client incur substantial expenditure are advertising in college magazines and sponsorships of student body events. These would be limited in number and would have to be carefully selected so that they offer maximum eyeballs and return on investment. Subsequent year’s budget could be decided based on the response of the first year’s response. Differentiation from others The other tools are more regular in nature and consequently, less prone to innovation, compared to Social Media that provides a lot of avenues for implementing innovative marketing strategies.

Since at the very heart of Social Media Marketing is the concept of “engagement”, the client is advised to come up with frequent contests and competitions that can be run online. Some indicative examples could be as follows: 1. Asking open-ended questions periodically. For example, what is your fitness goal for the month? When was the last time you worked out at the gym? What is your average duration of work-out? What is the maximum time you have worked out for at one stretch? 2.

Celebrating birthdays of sportsmen and putting up their pictures along with a fitness-inspiring quote 3. Running contests to find out how many students come to the gym together to foster the spirit and fun element of working out together. 4. Have nutrition-based events within the gym premises where a dietician/nutritionist could come and speak about the health benefits of opting for a healthy diet plan. These could be offered free of cost to the students and would not involve a substantial cost at the end of the client either. How does media fit with target market?

Using online/Social Media marketing will ensure a wide reach since a majority of students these days spend a large amount of time online and often tend to engage in conversations about things they like on public forums and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The target market is the youth that is actively involved in social media. Most spend more time with friends online than offline and this media would be able to keep their interests sustained on the subject when they find their friends interested in it as well.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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