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The paper "Market Analysis of Delta Signal" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. Delta/Signal Corp is a company based in the US with a vast presence in European countries such as England and Sweden. It is established in Massachusetts and it is represented by company number 042956879. It was registered on March 31st, 1987 and it is listed by SOC under Involuntary Dissolution. Currently, it has three directors namely Frank P. Fotis who is the Company’ s President and Treasurer and Robert W. Sweet Junior who is the company’ s Secretary.

The company has branches all over the USA and has also managed to open production lines in European countries like England, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany. The company lacks presence in the Asian markets, hence a good time to venture there for the continent has many emerging economies there like China and India who are densely populated and can provide a larger market especially in the area of low-cost cars and cars for the middle class. Before deciding to venture into the Chinese market the company has to put into consideration the Macro environmental factors that they will face and have to overcome so as to succeed.

These factors are broadly studied under the Umbrella of PESTLE analysis, which stands for Political, Economical. Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors. It is important for Delta to understand the complexities and challenges that face China’ s business environment. China is an emerging market with positive economic growth and changes in its social systems. The ambitious growth targets the country has set to provide both business opportunities for the Automotive Company as well as a lot of social costs.

Their massive urbanization program will make the company achieve sales targets as many people especially the middle and lower class levels will definitely acquire vehicles. Their good Infrastructure is also a plus as it encourages the use of cars. The Company being foreign needs to understand the legal structure of Chinese markets as that is one of the most challenging factors when it comes to investing in China.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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