Essays on Marketing Activities That Will Ensure Optimal Operation of the Cupcake Shop Chain Case Study

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The paper “ Marketing Activities That Will Ensure Optimal Operation of the Cupcake Shop Chain” is a   perfect variant of case study on marketing. The objectives for Cupcake Shops will include gaining a market share of at least thirty percent in every locality they operate. This implies intensive market research and strategy development will be carried out in their area of operation to gain the market share as well as To open ten new shops to gain ground in new markets for the next financial year. To develop integrative promotional activities that ensure that the community is involved in enhancing the image of the organization. Promote market awareness of the shops to eight percent of the target population.   1.2 Mission Statement - To be the preferred cupcake shop for society in the whole region. 1.3 Market EnvironmentIn the bakery industry, different food outlets can be portrayed as key competitors.

These organizations offer a substitute of baked products or similar baked products. These range from retail outlets with their own bakery within the premises as well as fast food outlets. Key competitors can be considered both large and small organizations involved in the snacks and fast-moving industry.

In America, which is the home country of McDonald's there is a range of competitors. The competitors can be considered as either localized competitors in specific states or national competitors. The most notable other players in the food industry in America include the white castle, which is a fast-food chain with operations in multiple states and has been in operation for a number of years. Another notable competitor is the Burger King, which in the past decade has taken the fight for market share in the country through creative marketing strategy in the burger market.

Another player in the hamburger food chain in America is Wendys. The organization has risen to be in the third position in burger sales volumes in the last two decades (Belch, 2012). Jack-in-the-box is another player in the food industry in America. The organization has implemented revolutionary strategies in location and customer service. Other competitors within America with a national outlook include Subway, Krystal, Hardees, as well as the Yum. The players in the food industry who have differentiated their baked products include the cake “ Fetish Cupcakes, ” “ Charm City, ” “ Love at First Bite” and “ Molly’ s Cupcakes. ” It is pertinent to note that the bakery industry is categorized into retail, food service, in-house and wholesale.

The competition in the industry demands that the products are differentiated to retain customers. 1.4 Market needs and opportunitiesThe marketing plan aims at identifying new markets for baked products. New markets are the upcoming markets that were not in existence before and they have a greater potential than those that were in existence before.

An example of this market is probably a new institution that has been opened, for example, a university, and a new group of people comes to live there. This market was not there and it would appropriate for any company that sells its product to target this new market (Cant, 2006). The new markets are areas of high potential revenue. Potential revenue is the revenue that the company is likely to make from the new market. High-level sales are the sales where the actual sales have exceeded the expected sales. This would highly occur if a new market segment is approached and sales made with them.

Finally, the management should understand that a market strategy is having a number of options to use while dealing with the sales on a product in terms of which market is appropriate. However, in order to understand how to go about the selling of the baked product, a deliverable schedule is made which will provide all the details on how the product will be sold.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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