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The paper "Marketing Background of Ecostore" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. This paper looks at evaluating the marketing mix and competition which Ecostore faces and the manner in which different strategies are undertaken to deal with it. The report has been divided into different parts and starts with the marketing background of the company. This is followed by the marketing mix which consists of the product description, pricing, promotion and distribution strategies which have been undertaken by the organization. The report then provides a competitive analysis with regard to the competition which the business is facing.

Finally, the report provides recommendations regarding the strategies they need to undertake so that better results can be achieved and the overall business effectiveness can be improved. Marketing Background of the company Ecostore is a New Zealand based organization that deals with household and body care products. The organization has looked towards working in the global arena and has thereby started working in other countries like Australia. The company works in both the wholesale and retail distribution system. Some of the products which Ecostore deals with belong to kitchen use, laundry purpose, bathroom purpose, cleaning purpose and baby purpose.

Presently the organization manufactures over 100 products and all the products are safe under the environmental and sustainability standards. The industry where Ecostore works is highly concentrated and has to deal with a very high degree of competition. This has made it difficult for the players to continue to sustain a large market share and requires continuous innovation to be able to grow and improve its business. The business has identified different sustainable practices that have helped to grow the business.

The organization has identified the manner in which they need to use their organizational culture for their strength. This has thereby developed a strong organizational structure that suits the needs of the organization. The overall phenomenon has shaped the working culture as giving importance to it has transformed the working arena (Sevari & Kandu, 2011).  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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