Essays on Globalization and Event Management Assignment

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The paper "Globalization and Event Management " is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Globalization is a process of growth of interdependence among the national and international industries and businesses all over the world. This growth in market interdependencies has resulted in great impacts on different pillars of the national economy. Several kinds of models have been designed to explain various processes of globalization. Many analysts contend that globalization possibly started in the nineteenth century. On the other hand, event management involves marketing, management, and design of events. Additionally, it concentrates more on trying to understand the experiences in event planning and how to manage them.

Globalization has greatly influenced the event industry in that it addresses methodological challenges that are associated with events. In particular, it addresses issues such as energy, infrastructure, transport, security, information technology, and communication which mostly play a critical role in event management. Like in project management, event management aims at maximum exploitation of its abilities of events for it to attain the success of its anticipated goals. Globalization has reformed the event industry in the past few decades.

It has resulted in a positive impact on the global economies, societies, and industries, resulting in a significant increase in the number of international organization and its membership. This is because events play a very important role in increasing desirability and awareness on the destinations especially in event tourism. It is through globalization that people get information about different places they desire so as to start travel arrangements for book travel. Also, it guides those who look for something new from places they have visited before to repeat visitation at the right time.

Nevertheless, the accompanying political, economic, technological, and industrial trends and events must always be updated continuously as there is a regular advancement in global connectivity. The biggest challenge facing the event industry is the management of event practices that conduct global events for them to find solutions to event management solutions.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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