Essays on Marketing and Its General Impact on Daily Life Coursework

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The paper "Marketing and It's General Impact on Daily Life" is a brilliant example of coursework on marketing. When it comes to marketing we realize that it constructs a huge impact on the standard of living, quality of life and micro issues such as the daily life of a common man. The aspect of daily life influenced by marketing is tremendously huge but it is ironically almost neglected. It means that a common man cannot apprehend the magnitude of marketing activities integrating with his daily activities. ‘ Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. ’ (Carvens. D.W, 1980) Marketing is more apprehensive towards exchange processes that take place between buyers and sells.

It attempts to match supply with demand. All these elaborations focus, first of all, on one point: Customer, which is all-important. The importance of profit or management or anything else comes after. So we can say, without any hesitation that every part of the operation of any firm is to be clearly based on a fact; how important a customer is to that firm. Successful marketing operations are based on a market opportunity that is ultimately governed by the wants and needs of users.

What we are trying to highlight is the fact that a person’ s daily activities and decisions to fulfill particular daily needs are more influenced by marketing activities nowadays than compared to the past. Every One Is Involved   This explanation provides us with an all vital sense- marketing activities require everyone in an organization – production people, accountants, purchase people, managers, etc, must be concerned most with the preference and satisfaction of the users. People do what they observe daily in their routine life.

Whether this observation is stored in their conscious or unconscious database of mind, their actions and deeds are guided by such storage. It is then, the job of the marketer to influence that database and through persuasive and convincing activities try to enter that database. Customer, by nature, is bound to act on his conscious or unconscious, meaning whether he is doing it with intentions or without, acts on the suggestive impressions made by a marketer. The impact of this fact is so massive that a marketer needs to understand and implement in his activities, how a customer is affected in his daily life.

What is the role of marketing in the daily life of a customer? The answer to this question leads us to understand different aspects. That is what a customer thinks in daily life? What does a customer do in daily life? How customer behaves to different marketing activities in daily life? Whether a customer is influenced in his daily life by the acts of marketers by recalling it intentionally or non-intentionally while making use of a product.

Of course, here it is worth mentioning to highlight the word ‘ Satisfaction’ . If a customer is satisfied with the use of a product the positioning of the product will be stronger, thus a marketer will be more successful in his job.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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