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The paper "Marketing Plan for Real Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese " is a great example of a marketing case study.   Wensleydale Creameries is planning to export the local brand Real Yorkshire Wensleydale into the French and other markets besides increasing the supply to the US and British markets. Acquisition of Protection of Designation of Origin to protect the Wensleydale brand is a significant step in realising the vision. We are also planning to roll out a wide range of cheese product to address changing and varied consumer tastes and requirements. Our marketing strategies entail creating and strengthening the brand among customers and improving our online marketing and advertising mechanisms. The background to the plan and the context for what follows. Real Yorkshire Wensleydale brand has dominated the British market and following a partnership deal with Anco Fine Cheese, the brand has entered the American market.

As a result of a high profile product promotion by Wallace and Gromit, the product has enjoyed significant success. The vision, mission and aspirations of the organization to create superb products and services, to develop and expand the markets in which the company is active, and to create stakeholder value by achieving an exceptional financial performance that will be reflected in the company’ s share price and to gain leadership within defined strategic groups and markets, as well as achieving an excellent financial performance Market overview and situational analysis. The largest market of the brand is within the United Kingdom with recent exports to the United States with plans to break into the French market in place.

Wensleydale Creamery has been existent for centuries but with periods of boom and recession and even points of near-collapse. Previously a small local company, product promotion has seen Wensleydale grow into a company with a powerful impression in the cheese industry; registering a significant boom in sales and revenue.

Operations have been intensified with better product designs, tastes, packages and addition of varieties and flavours to cater to all consumer needs. The creamery boosted tourism in the Yorkshire Dale region. The company has seen off stiff competition to cut an edge among well-established companies and the unique Yorkshire flavour has worked in our advantage. Internal analysis: strengths, weaknesses ➡ Strengths and weaknesses and their implications Real Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese is synonymous with quality and tradition.

The range of cheese collections offers a unique flavour that is cherished by customers. The product’ s good name makes it easier for it to be supplied to a wider market. The main weakness of Real Wensleydale brand is that it is yet to acquire a Protected Designation of Origin and rights to protect it from potential fraud. The product is considered as Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), implying that it is produced, processed or prepared within a specific geographical area and has a reputation that is attributed only to that region. ➡ Resource analysis Yorkshire Wensleydale’ s unique creamy, crumbly taste, which is full of flavour, is a result of the unique starter cultures that combined vast expertise of Wensleydale in cheese-making that results in a cheese with a texture and flavour that no other region can match.

Sourcing milk from local farmers also ensures authenticity and quality.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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