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The paper "Marketing  Plan for Aire Valley Breweries Plc" is a brilliant example of coursework on marketing. Marketing plans seek to guide the organization’ s marketing team on the achievement of their departmental objectives that are derived from the overall corporate strategy. These plans seek to provide the marketing teams with various strategic approaches towards their objectives, especially in dynamic business environments. In developing marketing plans, five stages are taken into consideration namely; situation analysis, marketing objectives, market analysis, market exploitation tactics, and marketing controls. This paper seeks to develop a marketing plan for Aire Valley Breweries Plc as it strategizes on entering the Chinese market with its various products. The Company Aire Valley Breweries Plc is located in the Aire Valley Leeds that is an investment area identified by the UK government towards improving the region’ s economic performance.

The company operates in the UK beverage market as a manufacturer of various bottled premium beers, lagers, and stouts. The majority of these products are consumed nationwide as the company solely operates in the UK. Aire Valley Breweries has consolidated its UK market by offering five major beer brands namely; Hostenbeck.

European style lager beer, San Bernardo European style lager beer, Camelot British style dark bitter beer, Camelot British style dark bitter beer and Pot of Gold Irish style dark stout beer. These beer brands have different alcohol content and taste that seeks to ensure consumer satisfaction. Despite having the right market segmentation, the company incurs increased manufacturing costs due to the lack of inefficient internal business processes. This inhibits the company’ s ability to maximize its operational revenues although it adopts effective marketing strategies (Worthington & Britton 2006, p28).

The company’ s beer products are sold at affordable prices both at supermarkets and up-market entertainment spots. Customers The company’ s beer products target high-end consumers that have a taste for hard drinks. The beers are manufactured in three major categories that are premium beers, lagers and stouts. Consumers, therefore, have a choice in their preferred beer drink that the company offers. Aire Valley Breweries has segmented its consumers depending on their drinking capabilities. Due to this segmentation, the company manufactures various beers with different alcohol content although they are higher than the average alcohol content for local Chinese beers (Euromonitor 2009).

On the other hand, the company packages its beer products in three major quantities namely 260ml, 240ml, and 500ml. With these quantities, the consumer has a choice in their alcohol consumption and they, therefore, enjoy their beer drinks responsibly. The company’ s beer products are made available at supermarkets and upmarket bars thus emphasizing the company’ s focus on high-end consumers who often flock these facilities for entertainment among other purposes.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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