Essays on Marketing Audit - Canon EOS Digital SLR Camera Case Study

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The paper 'Marketing Audit - Canon EOS Digital SLR Camera " is a good example of a marketing case study. This report is aimed at taking a critical look on Canon EOS Digital SLR Camera which is a product of Cannon Plc by discussing the company’ s target market for the product, its marketing mix, the competitive advantage for the company and the effectiveness of its marketing alongside the determination of the success by the company in selling the product. Canon EOS Digital SLR Camera is a camera that is recognized for its ability to take high-quality pictures, especially from the automotive mode. A. 1 The Australian target market. Canon EOS Digital SLR Camera has very important features that make it very useful in the field of photography.

Cannon has taken the initiative to develop a product that is a compact system that can highly be regarded because of its size, power in taking high-quality photos, and high level of simplicity without having to cause any harm to the EOS quality. The camera is also very preferred in the creative auto mode where the EOS is used for creative shooting (Cannon 2012a).

With these features and many others, the company has got numerous target markets which it feels that have a need to be served and the major target markets include researchers, commercial photographers, journalists and news reporters, tourists and household users. Commercial photographers Commercial photographers form the largest market in the industry with about 45%. This group is characterized by the fact that they attend different public functions, take photos and sell them back to the owners. The people in this target market are more interested in durability, high-level technology and camera that can produce quality pictures and above a commercially viable camera in terms of cost to operate and maintain.

They also demand assurance in form of warranty if the product fails to function as ought to have been. Researchers The researchers, in this case, include academic researchers as well as private researchers who sought to carry out a study on their own to understand a given phenomenon in the environment and therefore like the case of commercial photographers, this group is in demand of high-quality cameras with the high power to take very clear and quality photos from both near and far distances.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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