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The paper "Innovative Market Communications" is a perfect example of a Marketing Case Study. Mobile phones in the recent past have been seen to play a major role in various aspects. As the level of technological advancement improves day in day out a mobile phone is not only limited to speaking its used for various purposes ranging from video recording and serves as a computer for basic storage of information. In today’ s world business is almost next to impossible without the services a mobile phone. Starting from service sector, as well as in various fields such as in medicine and also in money transfer mobile phones have been widely used.

Therefore there is increased demand for better phones and Nokia Lumia 920 has come as a solution. The product of my choice is Nokia Lumia 920 Smartphone which has distinct features as compared to other smartphones of its caliber. Due to its exemplary performance in terms of power management, display, photography, a dual-core processor and its exclusive availability of Nokia’ s flagship Windows8 ( Schneiders). The phone has provided the solution to a variety of customer needs ranging from entertainment, communication (Philippe), internet services (useful for businessmen and women, organizations, students, researchers and various stakeholders who heavily depend on internet services on their day to day operations) and serving customers’ prestige.

This kind of product under study is a specialty product and the reason why I’ ve chosen it is due to the sophisticated customers’ tastes and preferences and the increasing demand for better phones. Its convenient size, shape, and color are some of its notable attributes. The phone comes in different colors ranging from grey, white, red and yellow that makes it certainly attractive and refreshing.

Its thickness is10.7mm and weighs 185g making it the thinnest and the lightest Smartphone that ever existed on the market. As mobile telephony skyrockets rapidly each new device on smartphones is frequently launched where each smartphone is equipped with distinct features ranging from the operating system, camera or screen resolution and each brand varies from the other. Lumia 920 follows a similar design compared to previous Lumia 900 and Lumia 800. The phone is made of recyclable materials and its size is small hence a very simplistic package made of cardboard and it brings about differentiation ( Pride; Ferrell, ) due to magnificent pictures on the cardboard depicting distinct features from any other smartphone.

Nokia Lumia 920 is in its growth life cycle as it gets its roots in the Australian market (Trehan & Ranju). Despite its distinct features the products are yet to reach maturity this is mostly due to its price in the market which is higher as compared to the price of other ordinary phones in the market and which are of low quality as compared to Lumia 920.

Regardless of its relatively high price the promotion and distribution strategies seem to move in line with the product life cycle (Kim). The firm deploys various promotion methods such as a advertisement (Masterman) through; magazines like the New Idea magazine and TV Week magazine, Newspapers like Sydney Morning Herald-Business & World News and The Business Review Weekly, the radios such as the Capital Radio Network and Radio Austral, Television programs such as Inside Business-ABC, organizing seminars, workshops and public speeches by the firm personnel.

The Nokia Lumia 920 firm also uses employs online methods of promotion through its website, directed linkage for example with the goggle such that anyone seeking information on this kind of phone can access it with ease which may range from its specifications and also its manuals. The firm provides new product information to aspiring customers who may be written or oral. Written information may be contained in the phone’ s manuals while oral maybe through the firm’ s marketing personnel. The sale and sponsorship information may mainly target potential customers which may be conveyed through organized seminars and workshops.

This information is useful in creating awareness of the new brand of the phone in the market to the customers.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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