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The paper "Service to Customer of Qantas Airline Ltd" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. The market audit report is a case study of the marketing management of Qantas airline ltd. The report aims at reviewing how Qantas airline ltd manages its marketing and relations within and outside the organization. Qantas airlines ltd was formed in1920 and was known as Queensland and northern territory aerial services (Qantas, 2009). The airline is Australia’ s largest and operates both domestic and international flights. The headquarters of the airline is located in the city of Sydney. The airline flies over 60 domestic destinations and over 67 international destinations in over 20 countries.

Qantas has some subsidiaries airlines which help in covering all the existing destinations by expanding its flight zones. The routes with the most domestic travelers are between Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. Qantas advertises these routes as the city flyer domestically within Australia. The international routes always have travelers who are moving to or from Australia. Most of the travelers are either for leisure or business (Qantas, 2009). Qantas is always customer-focused (Skytrax, 2009).

This attitude has made it the market leader for domestic flights within Australian territory. The airline offers extremely quality service to its customers while charging very fair prices. The airline has reduced its costs and passed the savings to customers. This has always helped in establishing customer loyalty to the airline. The airline has a dedication to quality customer service it provides to its customers. This is delivered with warmth and friendliness by the staff. The staff of the airline has created a brand for the organization for providing good customer service to their clients compared with other airlines.

The dedication of the staff in serving customers helps differentiate the brand from the others within the industry (Skytrax, 2009). The major marketing objective of Qantas airline ltd is to create a brand within the market so that the airline becomes the airline of choice to customers it serves. The airline tries to attract and keep as many loyal customers as possible. The airline has dedicated staff that offers their experience to travelers and wants to make them loyal to the company.

By having these dedicated travelers, the airline is able to maximize its revenues from these customers. The company’ s marketing mix provides air transport within Australia and other travel services. The major goals of the firm are to achieve an appeal to the target customers so that the company can provide the travel services. By promoting services properly coupled with their affordability, it remains profitable and also makes its customers happy (Skytrax, 2009). The research paper is a case study of Qantas airline target market and channel relations.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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