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The paper "Uncle Tobys Market Audit Report" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. Cereals have been found to be profound in meeting the nutritional needs of children as well as grown-ups. Uncle Tobys Company has been functioning on the slogan of an improved diet for improved health. Oats are suitable for consumption for a wide range of meals. In terms of nutrition, oats have been found to meet the needs of children effectively. Uncle Toby’ s oats have a wide market in New South Wales and Western Australia. The large percentage of consumers of oats products from Uncle Toby are mainly households.

The many products that have been processed from oats are mainly centered on the needs of the children (Shoebrige, 1996). Uncle Toby’ s oats are in many categories including the traditional oats, quick cups, quick sachets, etc. From the survey undertaken, Uncle Toby sells a large proportion of its oats products to bakery owners. The bakery owners process these oats into other products mainly for porridge and other breakfast products. The bakeries attract the highest demand because of the current market for the various products that are processed from oats.

The realization of the health risks associated with consumption of first-foods has transformed the priorities of most consumers (Shoebrige, 1996). Many of them have turned to cereals as the perfect alternative. At the end of it, the final consumers of the oats products are the school-going children and adults in Australia. Apart from the oats products that are consumed by the household, there are also grades of oats that are manufactured for animals. These are mainly premium feeds. Uncle Toby’ s Company does not produce much of this as they focus more on those consumed by human beings.

Most of the animals that consume premium feeds are mainly racehorses and racing camels. Nevertheless, Uncle Toby does not produce much of the oats as animal feeds. The company’ s focus has been upon the consumption by households. Therefore, when assessing market segmentation strategies used by Uncle Toby’ s Company, the focus is upon oats consumed by human beings. In this case, the major market for Uncle Toby’ s oats has been found to be New South Wales and many parts of Western Australia. 1.2 The Needs of Consumers Having highlighted the consumption index, it is important to analyze specific nutritional needs.

Many consumers require high fiber content in their bodies. The current consumption trends have complicated many Australian health statuses. This is because most of them are reliant on first-foods which constitute high cholesterol content. High cholesterol content risks put people at a greater risk of suffering from high blood pressure. Oats contains fibers that have cholesterol re-absorption lowering properties. At the same time, wholegrain contains high natural vitamin content.

In addition, dietary fiber is essential in ensuring that the digestive system is kept healthy all through. The natural energy food products are in line with the current trends in Australia. Many people are actively involved in working and therefore require such nutrients to be able to be fully sustained. Therefore, the oats have been made to specifically meet the current needs of consumers in line with the new living trends.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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