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  The paper "LUNA App for Intelligent Mattresses" is a perfect example of a Marketing Case Study. This report is based on the approaches that are to be used to market a new app for intelligent mattresses. The new product is being introduced in the Australian market. The target market for the new product is composed of individuals who are above 30 years of age. These individuals are either professional knowledge workers or sportspeople. Individuals who have retired are also included in this market segment. The defining need of these individuals is that they are struggling to overcome pain and that the use of intelligent mattresses is a solution to their problem.

The LUNA app will sell on the proposition that it will be the first mobile app to help individuals manage their intelligent mattresses in a more effective manner. Three important conclusions are made in the report. The conclusions are based on the following three key issues related to the marketing activities of the new app: effects of the macro-environment factors, the product life cycle (PLC) of the product and the marketing communication tools that will be used.

It can be seen that the following factors of the macro-environment will have a positive effect on the company and the new app: political, economic, social factors. The likelihood of new technologies emerging will have a negative effect on the app. Environmental and legal factors will have a neutral effect on the product. The PLC of the app will go through the four key stages of development, growth, maturity, and decline. The company will seek to increase the level of awareness of the product during the development stage.

It will also seek to take advantage of the growing market for the app during the growth and maturity stages. Lastly, by minimizing expenditure on marketing activities for the product during the decline stage, the company will be preparing the commercial and catalog death of the app. Two communication tools will be used to communicate the positioning of the new app in its target market: advertising and personal selling. The success of the use of these tools will be determined using the returns obtained from sales of the new app after resources would have been spent on marketing activities. This report is divided into three parts.

The first part is based on the impact that the different factors of the macro-environment will have on the app as well as the company. The second part contains information about the product’ s life cycle. The different overall marketing goals and activities that will be used during the different stages of the cycle are discussed in this part of the report. Lastly, the report contains information about the specific marketing communication tools that will be used for the app. Part A: The Macro Environment There are several macro-environmental factors that affect the environment in which the company operates.

More importantly, these factors of the macro-environment have varying degrees of impact on the marketing initiatives that the company will use for the new intelligent mattress application. These issues are discussed in this section of the report. Haberberg and Rieple (2008, p. 104) note that analyzing the macro environment of a company and its products is usually carried out by considering how the key factors which are political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental, affect the company in question.

Further, Havaldar (2005, p. 272) notes that when analyzing the effect of the macro-environment on a company, the emphasis is laid on how the factors affect the company as a whole and its specific products in the market. Thus, companies have to respond to the effect of the macro-environmental factors on their overall operations as well as in relation to their specific products. This response is usually in the form of taking steps to address threats and opportunities that have been identified.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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