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How will you utilize the existing Aero base? How will you use the existing Aero technology advantage? The major principle of buzz marketing is spreading a message about the product from within the target community instead of imposing it from the side of the seller. The most effective way to create a buzz around the product is to spread the information through trend-settlers of the community. So, presence of an existing base of loyal customers is a great advantage Aero can use for launching a new offer. In particular, the most influential people among these loyal clients can be chosen and asked to participate in the marketing campaign.

The technology advantage of Aero can be used as a main pitch for the start of the campaign – intrigue people with the new technology, make them want to learn more, make them wait for new information, make them being eager to own. The information about the car should, therefore, be presented part by part, as it was in case of the movie "Cloverfield" (Movie Marketing Madness, 2008). The first public presentations should be targeted at existing customers who are to be treated as very special people and invited personally.

The goal here would be not to make them buy a car, but to give them experience and impressions to talk about. It is possible to enlarge the number of people present at the first presentations by allowing current owners of Aero cars to take, for instance, 1 person with each – entrance by invitations only. Such a tactic will create the feeling that the event is very special and unique, and for very special people.

The next steps would be to reach broader audience to participate in the campaign. This can be achieved with the help of artistic contests. The marketing program for the Ford Fiesta has already showed the effectiveness of this approach (Bullas, 2010). People can be offered to, for example, create paint designs for a car, submit theirs online and vote for the best ones. The winner will, then, receive a custom-painted car, while the company – an increased number of engaged, excited and involved people. Other ways to engage the audience would be photo or video contests.

All the activities, of course, should be focused on the product and take place on a single web-site (like online magazine Ford developed for Fiesta). What media will you use (Internet, radio, newspaper, TV) to generate buzz? The major media to spread the message and generate buzz would be the Internet. In particular, such social networks as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Circles, MySpace, etc. may be of a great help because millions of people spend hours communicating there every day. In addition, social networks are one of the fastest ways to spread the information – people receive messages instantly and spread them enormously fast.

Another Internet marketing tool would be personal blogs of users. They are a tool of driving traffic to the main sales website and giving people the information about the product (Gehl, 2006). Since the main goal of TV, radio and newspaper ads is reaching mass audience, it is not the best way to deliver the message at the early stages of the marketing campaign. In its later stages, however, it might be useful to support the buzz with these types of advertisements.

These ads should be very personalized, displaying some of the artworks submitted by people online. References: Bullas, J. (2010). The 7 Secrets to Fords Social Media Marketing Success. Jeffbullass Blog. Retrieved from http: //www. jeffbullas. com/2010/02/18/the-7-secrets-to-fords-social-media-marketing-success/ Gehl, D. (2006). How to Harness the Marketing Power of Blogs. Retrieved from http: //www. entrepreneur. com/article/84232 Movie Marketing Madness (2008). Movie Marketing Madness: Cloverfield. Retrieved from http: //www. moviemarketingmadness. com/blog/2008/01/movie-marketing-madness-cloverfield/

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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