Essays on Marketing Communication Strategies of Millennium Passion Limited Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Communication Strategies of Millennium Passion Limited" is a great example of a marketing case study.   This part B sought to analyze marketing communication strategy for Millennium Passion Limited in the Australian business. Part A of this assessment examined the website elements of Millennium passion Limited. The main objective of Millennium passion Limited is to be the business leader in passion fruits industry across Australia and beyond. Part B focuses on Millennium passion Limited elements of the communication mix. 1.1 Background The previous report found out that Millennium Passion Limited had build stronger collaboration and communication across the supply chain.

In addition, the company used promotion and campaigns across the business, rebranding and other strategies to ensure that the product remains at the top in the business. However, it was found out that when placed in comparison with other Passion fruits’ companies in the Kingston area, Millennium website does not reach as many people as intended. Thus, this report aims at making recommendations on how Millennium Passion Limited can enhance its website visibility. 1.2 Purpose In the race for marketers to cut a niche in the business, marketing communications have taken the lead in promoting products.

Marketers prefer advertising their products through internet media because it captures the attention of guests as compared with other options as print and electronic media. In Australia, internet media has been revolutionized. This report evaluates the marketing communications that the Millennium Passion Limited in Australia can use in order to capture the hearts of its clients. 1.3 Format Basing on integrated marketing communication in business, this report starts by defining Millennium Passion Limited objectives. Further, it will make recommendations on the available marketing information that the Millennium Passion Limited can utilize in order to achieve a competitive edge in the passion fruit industry. 2.0 Marketing Responses The website of the Millennium passion Limited compiled in Part 1 was analyzed using specific criteria.

This was made in comparison with three competitor websites. The assessment was made in consideration of the best practices for the online presence. Each category was rated in terms of percentages where an average score was later calculated. The higher the percentage, the better a specific feature on the website has been addressed.

A lower percentage indicates a poor rating. Millennium passion Limited Company’ s website is well designed but needs further enhancements. The fonts are tiny, and therefore, any visitor with eyesight challenges may strain a lot to read the text. The color would also need some balancing to avoid too much yellow color on the home page. Since the company colors are mainly two, it is recommendable to balance the colors. 2.1 Goals and objectives The table below summarizes the Millennium Passion Limited goals and objectives.     Objectives Strategy Measure 2014 2015 2016 Increase product awareness through various marketing communication mix Advertising, sales promotion, The number of customers that choose the products of Millennium Passion Limited 6000 6900 7800 To be the best distributor of Passion fruits in Australia Direct selling, Personal selling by use of selling Agents The number of products sold (tones) 2.2 2.4 2.8 To meet customers’ needs through quality products Sales promotion, direct selling The increase in the percentage of selling in Australia 15% 20% 25% To maximize sales and profitability by attracting a large number of customers Public relation, sales promotion Total sales in Dollars 500,000 580,000 700,000 To increase customer loyalty Sales promotion Increase in the percentage of customers for products 10% 15% 13% 3.0 Designing a Marketing Communication Strategy The main objective behind marketing information is to enlighten the targeted consumer about the product, create a good image of the product and persuade the consumer to purchase the product.

The strategy should be formulated in a unique way in order to promote the product and make it more appealing to the targeted customers (Sahney 2006).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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