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The paper "The Lipton Tea and Twinings Australian Tea TV Adverts" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   In the world of business, once a company is established or business started, the incurrence of profits is the major goal. There are several ways through which traders and entrepreneurs ensure that their businesses gain profits. One of the most essential ways of augmenting the incurred profits is the marketing of goods and services rendered. Marketing requires intense communication between the producer and the manufacturer of the products. The communication to the consumer is mostly through messages and media.

People who relate or relay product information are known as marketing communicators. They include people who do business-related services such as online marketing, promotions, advertising and sales among others. The popular way of passing information about products to consumers is through advertisements. Clow, Kenneth and Donald (2007) argue that the advertisements can be in the form of TV adverts, journals and print media such as newspapers and magazines. Several companies do their marketing through TV adverts and this has really escalated the rate at which the companies gain their profits.

Therefore, this assignment will look at the marketing of Lipton Tea and Twinings Australian Tea which are among the most popular beverage products in Australia. This assignment will criticize the recent TV adverts in Australia of the two tea brands. The criticism will be based on four aspects: communication objectives, creative strategies and tactics used, target customer and the market partitioning of the adverts. The assignment will also discuss how the TV adverts of the two brands of tea have used the above-mentioned aspects in their communication campaigns. The Lipton Tea TV advert is one of the best tea adverts in the market.

According to Lipton Tea Australia TVC advert YouTube (2012), the advert rejuvenated Lipton’ s sales in 2012. The TV advert was named Lipton Tea. The main aim of the campaign was to make the consumers aware of the product’ s benefits. The advert shows the effectiveness of the tea in that it is available in homes and is also prepared in big hotels and restaurants for customers. The advert also indicates that the brand of tea is available in small packs.

The other positive thing about the brand of tea is that it has a good smell. Furthermore, the tea is processed from fresh green leaves with a pleasant smell, able to attract even dogs. The advert indicates that Lipton Tea is delicious when drank and is a good stimulant that has the ability to brighten an individual’ s day. Except for its availability, Lipton Tea has the ability to release a fresh taste once taken and is also available in new foil fresh packs as indicated in the advert.

All these strengths enhance the purchase of the product hence more profits to the company. The Twinings Tea advert was named “ Twinings enjoy every day” . The aim of the advert was to market the product to the customers. The advert indicates that the product is readily available in homes meaning it has an affordable cost. However, this does not give it an advantage over the Lipton tea since it is also readily available in households. The two adverts thus indicate that the tea brands are affordable to the common man.

The advert also indicates that Twinings tea is one of the beautiful things that households in Australia preserve for guests. The brand has several advantages over the Lipton tea that make it more competitive in the market. To begin with, it is available in good and quality packs that enhance its preservation. The advert also indicates that Twinings is the best available tea in Australia. The advert has also demonstrated the preparation whereby it is mixed with hot water. The advert has also indicated that the tea is very enjoyable unlike in the Lipton tea advert where the customers viewing the advert have to struggle to make conclusions on their own.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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