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The paper " Internet Marketing Strategies" is a perfect example of a Marketing Research Paper. This report outlines the specification for a web-based marketing and communication strategy. This report will discuss some of the important and fundamental aspects of a project for the establishment of a web-based marketing platform for Captains Creek Organic wines business. This report will offer a comprehensive analysis and specification of some of the modern and state-of-the-art marketing strategies. These marketing strategies are aimed at increasing the market share, recognition and acceptance of Captains Creek Organic wines business.

The successful implementation of these strategies will help the Captains Creek Organic wines business to improve their web-based support and services that eventually increase business profits. E-Marketing (electronic marketing) is referred to as the application of marketing rules and methods applied through electronic media and more exclusively the Internet. Basically, the idea of E-Marketing, or Internet marketing or online marketing, are often interchanged and are frequently recognized as synonymous. In simple words, e-marketing is the procedure of marketing a product, item or brand using the Internet. Additionally, the marketing covers both direct response marketing and indirect marketing components and makes use of a wide variety of technologies to help connect businesses to their clients.

Hence, with such a broad meaning, e-marketing covers all the tasks a business can perform using the world wide web with the objective of attracting new businesses, running a present business and developing its product brand individuality (Quirk, 2012; Summers, Gardiner, Lamb, hair, & Mcdaniel, 2003). As an industry marketing consultant, I am going to complete the present internet marketing and marketing communication reports for Captains Creek Organic wines business.

This report will present a comprehensive analysis of a new online marketing strategy that will be implemented for greater business interest. This report will present the basic objective of business for the application of a new web-based marketing strategy and also present some of the main initiatives for better marketing tools and methods application. These all initiatives will be taken to improve business reorganization and attain a greater competitive edge in the marketplace. Significance of E-Marketing Strategy This e-marketing planning and recommendation report are intended to offer a great deal of support and capability to Captains Creek Organic wines business for the implementation of new and more effective methods of e-marketing.

This section of the report presents a detailed analysis of some of the important factors to demonstrate the significance of the internet marketing strategy. For Captains Creek Organic wines business we want to implement a new and more enhanced E-Marketing Strategy that is intended to improve overall business and corporate working and operational aspects. In this scenario the application of new and modern E-Marketing Business Strategy at Captains Creek Organic wines business, we will get huge return on investment (ROI) from the E-Marketing that is able to far enhance the business market value and also support the traditional marketing strategies (Quirk, 2012; Summers, Gardiner, Lamb, hair, & Mcdaniel, 2003). Whether Captains Creek Organic wines business is a successful business and operational through the traditional business and corporate working methods, however, the web-based arrangement of Captains Creek Organic wines is very limited and offers only business information to its clients.

In this scenario, we have assessed that online business is a new emerging trend and, the Internet is a force that is not able to be ignored.

It may be a way to accomplish factually thousands of people each year. It is at the front position of a re-definition of approach companies interact by their clients (Quirk, 2012; Summers, Gardiner, Lamb, hair, & Mcdaniel, 2003).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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