Essays on Role of Marketing Communications Assignment

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The paper "Role of Marketing Communications" is a good example of an assignment on marketing. Fill (2006 pp. 17) defines marketing communication as a management process that an organization uses to engage with different audiences it has. When an organization understands the communications environment of an audience well it can be able to provide messages to the various groups of stakeholders that have been identified before it can evaluate and act on the responses. The different audiences get encouragement to offer behavioral and attitudinal responses when they receive messages that carry important value to them.

Communication serves as an integral part of the various relationships shared by organizations with their customers. Emphasis is placed on mutual value and meaning as well as recognizing the various styles of processing and communication needs that different stakeholders may have (Fill 2006 pp. 7). Characteristics of marketing communications The four Cs frameworks require that the product in the Four Ps model be replaced by consumer models or the Consumer as the first C. This shows that in marketing communication the emphasis and focus have been shifted to the satisfaction of the needs of the consumer.

The needs and wants of the consumer must be understood. The product characteristics must match the buyers’ specifications. The product is also replaced with Capable. Offerings are defined as individual capabilities which when directed into a particular industry in a combined form they make a custom solution instead of pigeonholing people into a given product (Smith, Zook 2011 pp. 102). Pricing should be replaced with Cost and this must reflect the entire ownership cost. Cost is affected by many factors among them the cost of the customer to implement a new product and that of not opting for the service or product of a different organization.

The cost of the consumer to satisfy his need or want should be understood (Fill, Yeshin 2001 pp. 32). Communication replaces the promotion feature since communication represents a wider focus compared to promotions. Communications may include advertising, personal selling, public relations, viral advertising and other forms of communication between the seller and buyer. Many mediums should be used together in communication to give a unified message that has a feedback mechanism to allow for a two-way form of communication.

Nontraditional mediums for example word of mouth should be understood and the ways through which it influences the organization’ s position in the mind of the consumer (Schultz,   Tannenbaum,   Lauterborn 1996 pp. 222). Finally, Placement should be replaced with convenience. The place has become irrelevant with the increase on the internet as well as the hybrid purchasing models. Convenience considers how easy it is for the customer to purchase the product, finding that product, getting information concerning the product among other things.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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