Essays on Marketing Communications and Public Relations in Malaba Company Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Communications and Public Relations in Malaba Company" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   This integrated marketing communication entails the development of a plan for a company called Malaba with the aim of solving the existing problem with the drinking water in Malaba town. The cause for the water problems is due to the long and extended seasons of the dry climate and at times the communities around the area are said to abuse the available drinking water in the area hence leaving the community with no clean and safe drinking water.

It is a company that has shown growth in terms of its objectives as a water production company well as in its profitability. It is a very well established company in the whole of the United Arab Emirates as far as the issue of water supply is concerned. It is locater in the United Arab Emirates is basically dry and hot with a maximum temperature of over 40% in some months like July and August. The average rainfall is about 120mm which falls in very short torrential.

This is one of the greatest challenges in that such climate really affects the health of people and animals as well as the condition of growing their feeds and food for the people due to the lack of water. The company is privately owned but it faces great competition from one water processing company called Ai Iain Company that is also privately owned and especially in the area of customer loyalty. The marketing objective of the company is to meet the needs of the customer effectively and efficiently. Promotional analysis Internal analysis Internal analysis refers to SWOT analysis or the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the company.

The following is the analysis Strengths It has many customers that are loyal to the company Large production of water due to the use of modern technology Threats The emergence of other water treatment companies Opportunities The need for the better quality of water in the town and outside the town Weaknesses Few resources in terms of finances and human resource External analysis This refers to factors like Climate: The area has had a history for problems with the lack of clean and plenty of water for a long time due to the dry climate.

Such climate really affects the health of people and animals as well as the condition of growing their feeds and food for the people due to the lack of water Competition: Ai Ain Company and many other coming up companies have presented a situation of competition to the company and especially since some of these companies are also supplying water to the company’ s customers. Communication process analysis Communication and objectives The objectives of any integrated marketing communication plan must be in the interest of promoting the brand awareness, product and company knowledge, influencing the interest and attitudes of the consumers, development of the product image and influencing the purchase of the products.

The following are the four communication objectives Attention The attention of the customers must be attracted through a number of ways. This is whereby the people living in the town, as well as the surrounding areas, will be informed of the new project which is for their own benefits. The attention of the customer will be drawn starting the month of June which is one month from now through advertisements (Philip & Patrick, 45) Interest The customers or rather the desired clientele will start getting interested in the month of August.

This is especially because in the month of September the consumers of water which are very great in numbers in the schools will have started to open the schools. Also, the other departments will at least have a total of one month to have heard about the new project and then will be ready to show their interest in the water. Their interest will be accompanied by some inquiries by the interested parties meaning that there is a need for the company to set up an office as well as a mobile number where the interested clientele can access for their inquiries.

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