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The paper "Integrated Advertising Promotion and Marketing Communications" is a perfect example of a Marketing Assignment. The global chocolate industry is in a number of ways a bellwether in relation to the wider economy since its use is mainly limited. The revenues in the industry have remained flexible irrespective of falling disposable incomes a recessive global picture, increased completion, and unpredictable commodity prices. Chocolate bars are usually seen as recession-proof while this is referred to as lipstick effect by some economists. When in an economic crisis, consumers tend to buy the less costly luxury products and goods that fall in this list.

And they include items such as chocolate and cosmetics even as they try to cut their spending on other luxuries groups in the costly category. In the UK, a great number of consumers buy the Cadbury milk bar as compared to other similar confectionary products that are available in the market. Cadbury milk bars are mainly purchased by people from almost all age groups but the younger generations are more likely to make purchases as compared to older people (David 2004).

In the confectionery products industry, it would be crucial to note that consumers are more likely to switch from one product to another since there is a low level of brand loyalty. This switch at times is attributed to change in prices and mostly from consumers who seem to be very sensitive to any changes that occur in the pricing of the favorite product. In most cases, consumers are likely to switch to less expensive bars (Giuly 2000). There also seems to be strong competition in the confectionery market in the UK and this seems to be an additional concern in addition to any increases in prices.

This competition is mainly a result of a great number of players in the industry such as its own label, galaxy, Maltesers, and KitKat just to mention a few of them (Nieburg 2014). Each of these companies aims to attain a greater market share than the others and thus implement strategies aimed at gaining a greater number of customers in the UK market. Consumers behavior: DMU characteristics and issues Marketing communications entails the creation as well as delivery of messages by the use of various mediums with the aim of trying to convince the consumers in purchasing from the company as opposed to purchasing from their close competitors in the respective industry (Clow & Donald 2007).

To ensure that a marketing communication plan that suits Cadbury, it is of great importance that the company has a clear and concise understanding of the decision-making process of the existing customer and also of the potential one so as to communicate to them in the most effective way to attract and maintaining the already existing ones. Based on the fact that the Cadbury milk bar is in the category of luxury products, this means that it is considered as a low-involvement purchase since the process of decision making is not long and not time-consuming for other high-involvement purchases such as the purchase of cars.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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