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Design of Desire Many of us have this unquenchable thirst for buying things no matter what the situation we are in. We cant just get away from the thought of buying materials how much ever we restrain ourselves. It is a common thing that we have more need for almost all things than we need. People have a tendency to acquire things more than their actual need. It is the desire of our mind which leads us to do this kind of act. But it is not same with all; there are people who are very careful when it comes to shopping.

They think twice before they buy anything and have very less desire to buy things. On the contrary, spendthrift people buy whatever appeals to them and hardly assess whether they really need the particular product or not. However, for this behavior we can also blame the marketing strategy of the maunufacteres. They advertises the product in such a way that it captures the mind of spendthrift people. Designers are trying hard to popularize their brands and make it a mark of luxury.

Along this there are others who absorb these market tricks and try to achieve attention buy wearing brands and market themselves. Apparently it can be said that a desire to buy things is a very difficult aspect which human find trouble in controlling. . Topic One: The reason for desire 1. Definition of desire 2. Impact of desire on us 3. The desire to buy things Sources: Eldredge, John. Desire. First. Nashville: Thomson Nelson Inc. , 2000. 6.Print. Brien, Barbara. "Greed and Desire. " www. buddhism. about. com.

About. com, 2010. Web. 6 Nov 2010.. This sources listed above will give an insight about desire and how designers influence the minds of buyers. The information here is credible as it is from book and sites written by people with experience and knowledge about the topic. Topic Two: Marketing influence on buyers 1. Marketing influencing techniques 2. Spendthrifts and careful buyers. 3. Designer brands Sources: Kurtz, David. Contemporary Marketing. 2nd. Toronto: Nelson Education Ltd. , 2010. 20. Print. Lehrer, Jonah. "Why Do We Care About Luxury Brands? ." www. wired. com.

Wired. com, 02 08 2010. Web. 6 Nov 2010.. The sources mentioned above gives an idea to the reader about the marketing strategies of the sellers and also how designers persuade the common people in buying their products. Topic Three: Self marketers 1. Intention of self marketers 2. The ways of marketing self. 3. How people get successful in self marketing. Sources: Larrson, Patrick.

"How Do You Do Self Promotion? ." www. freelanceswitch. com. Envato, 30 06 2010. Web. 6 Nov 2010.. Benun, llise. Self Promotion online. 1st. Cinncinnati: F&W Publishing Inc. , 2001. 13. Print. The above listed sources give information about how people do self promotion for the purpose of marketing themselves. It also makes us understand what all means they approach in order to make their efforts successful.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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