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Marketing Ethics Marketing Ethics When pharmaceutical manufacturers produce a certain drug, they usually produce it with its prescription; what it is intended to treat. However, in some cases the physicians may discover that the drug can be used in treating other diseases and prescribe it for the patients. Once the manufacturing company realizes what those are, it is important for it to respond and this respond may vary depending on how the alternative use of the drug affects the manufacturer. Find Out the Effects of the Alternate Use of the Drug on the Public Health This is important because if the physician prescribes wrong drugs to the patients, it is likely that people may end up not using that drug.

Therefore, this will lead to the manufacturers experiencing loss. Similarly if a drug happens to harm the public health, it may lead to the company being accused of violating human rights according to Beebe and Myers (2009). Conduct Further Research on the Drug Use In such a case, the manufacturing company should consider conducting research and establishing the other kinds of diseases that the particular drug can treat.

In this case, it is important for the pharmaceutical manufacturer to consult the physician on how the patients have been responding to that drug in treating other diseases. Thus, with the help of the physicians the manufacturer is able to realize various uses of drugs and, hence, increase their sales. Create Awareness Once the company realizes that a particular drug has been found to have varied uses, it is important that they create awareness on the other uses of the drug other physicians. This will lead to increased demand for the drug thus leading to increased profits.

This awareness can be created through advertisements and by encouraging other physician who are not aware to make use of the drug. Provide Further Prescriptions on the Particular Drug The prescription on what a drug is supposed to treat and how it is to be used usually comes from the manufacturers. Hence, in this case, once the manufacturer of the drug realizes its multiple uses there is the need to include such prescriptions on the drug. This is significant in that in case the drug reacts in an unexpected way to the patients the manufacturer cannot be accused.

It is according to the laws on human rights manufacturers prescribe the use of drugs to avoid harming the health of the individual, as suggested by Singer (2009). Increase Production and Build More Branches Due to the varied uses of the drug, the manufacturing company should consider increasing the drug production in order to meet the increasing demand. In addition, the pharmaceutical manufacturer should consider establishing other branches in different areas in order to ensure that the alternative use of the drug is being realized and applied everywhere.

Hence, this is important for the public health in general. However, the manufacturing company of this particular drug may decide to accuse the physicians of interfering with their reputation. This is due to the fact they have been prescribing their product without consulting them. References Beebe, R., & Myers, J. (2009). Foundations of paramedic care. Auckland: Cengage Learning. Singer, M. (2009). Introduction to Syndemics: A critical systems approach to public and community health. London: John Wiley & Sons.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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