Essays on Marketing for Jetstar Airways - Seeking What Their Customers Want Research Proposal

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The paper “ Marketing for Jetstar Airways - Seeking What Their Customers Want” is a  thrilling variant of research proposal on marketing. Jetstar is a low-cost airline with its headquarters in Australia. This airline company was formed as a Qantas subsidiary in reaction to the threat created by another low-cost airline Virgin Blue. The airline serves domestic, regional and international markets. The airline company has a code of practice based on instructive and effective customer service as a way of enhancing customer relationships. One of the strategies Jetstar Airways has been using to compete is to offer high-quality products at a lower cost to promote the company as a low-cost leader in the airline industry.

The strategy rewarded the company by being voted by 18.8 million consumers from 100 countries as the best airline in terms of quality during the World Airline Awards in 2011 (Worldairlineawards, 2011). The company, however, dropped to the third position during the similar awards in 2012. This has left Jetstar with a lot of questions than answers in terms of competition and market strategies. The company has then embarked on research to find out new strategies to boost its performance. Type of research is neededKotler & Gary (2010) argue that if a brand is not doing well or actually has failed, it either requires reinforcing or revitalizing.

Therefore, market research has to be carried out to find the cause of failure. In the airline sector, marketing research works to attest that the research is employed effectively in line with the goal of the business. Kotler & Gary, (2010) describe marketing research as the logical design, assessment and information reporting and finding pertinent to a particular marketing condition experienced by the company.

Since this research involve both collecting data and also finding ideas and attitude of the consumers towards the company products and services, the analysis will involve both qualitative and quantitative approach. Connecting both quantitative and qualitative approaches, these methodologies are an important aspect in the airline sector in relation to marketing decision making. Hague (2002) stated that quantitative methods are applied in giving some basic signs of motivations while qualitative is frequently reflecting on motivations and attitudes in which responses cannot be forecasted.

Taking into consideration the divergence between two approaches, quantitative research is mostly employed for data collection. It will facilitate collecting numerical information about competitors’ sales and profits and compares them with Jetstar’ s. The reason is to determine the reasons and effect of their sales, profits and customer relationships. The benefit of using quantitative is that it enables us to reach several consumers by oversimplifying truth, while the qualitative approach is about the complexities of little things affecting the Jetstar performance. Additionally, we will use a qualitative approach to build ideas and a quantitative approach to prioritize plans corresponding to the current budget.

Qualitative research can also be used to establish the degree of comfort that the consumer desires and the unique treatment that they would prefer to get from the company (Hague, 2002). Target respondentsOur company serves a low-cost market with the aim to make sure that everyone who wishes to travel on the plane gets a chance of their lifetime. A low-cost market which happens to be our target respondents will mainly include leisure travelers, children, and students the age of 5 to 60 years.

This is because most children normally want to travel on a plane just to feel comfortable for the first time. This 5-60years age bracket includes students who travel for an educational trip or for exchange programs. Our research will require a large sample size because our company serves different countries.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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