Essays on Competitive Strategies for Service Organizations Case Study

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The paper "Competitive Strategies for Service Organizations" is a brilliant example of a case study on marketing. ‘ Nakha’ , is one of the renowned advertising agencies in Qatar and has been very successful over the years. This is because of the effective strategies that it has been incorporated which can be seen to align with its goals. One of the key aspects of its success is closely related to the effective strategic positioning of its service in the market. The organization provides an assortment of services such as advertisement design, promotional idea, event planning, presentation, research, and survey and consulting.

These services are highly attractive to the clients as well as reasonable in terms of prices charged to clients. Hence, the clients are highly satisfied. Thus, the positioning of the products of Nakha can be placed in the quadrant of highly attractive and average priced in the map of market positioning (Botten & McManus, 1999). The marketing/service mix contains 7 elements, which are commonly known as 7Ps. The first element is the ‘ product’ . The products of Nakha generally consist of advertisement design, event planning, presentation, promotional idea, research, and survey and consulting.

The second element is the ‘ price’ , which is highly reasonable and on the average mark for the products of Nakha. Moreover, the element ‘ place’ refers to the offices of Nakha and its availability on television, internet, radio and social media networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter among others. The other element is ‘ promotion’ . The promotional tools that it uses are the social media networking sites including Facebook. Furthermore, ‘ People’ is also a crucial element of the service mix. The dimension of people here implies the proprietors of Nakha, the employees, the clients and the viewers of the advertisements.

In addition, another element is the ‘ physical evidence’ . For Nakha, the physical evidence is the video footage, payment receipts, and cheques among others. Last but not least the seventh element is the ‘ process’ . The process that Nakha follows is classified as an information possessing process (Botten & McManus, 1999).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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