Essays on Marketing Management - Wallace Bakery Company Case Study

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The paper 'Marketing Management - Wallace Bakery Company " is a good example of a marketing case study. The significance of a marketing consultant cannot be underestimated in a business organization. As such, those organizations that really means to realize profit and at the same time maintain the competitive advantage must seek the knowledge of marketing consultant. Marketing consultant, therefore, closely work with companies in creating and implementing marketing strategies (Young 2010, p. 3). They specialize in developing marketing plans, determine the marketing message, and identify the marketing mix to get the message out.

As such, marketing consultants are skilled and very knowledgeable in consumers’ behaviors as well as the marketing course. Indeed, a marketing consultant facilitates business organizations to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage hence the sustainable success of the business. (Smith 2012, pp 105) Usually, the consultants apply a high level of creativity and analytical mechanism in their strategies which are geared to achieving the best results. (Smith 2012) As the responsibility of the marketing consultants' marketing plan describes the current market position of a business organization and marketing strategies for a period of time that is actually covered by the marketing plan.

The prime aim of the marketing plan is to clearly outline the steps in achieving business marketing goals and objectives (Ferrell 2012, p. 37). It does so through enabling marketing personnel and the other firm stakeholders either external or internal to comprehend their actions, the market under which they operate their future directions, and the means to obtain from new initiatives. As an external environment and internal environment, marketing plans differ for different corporate firms.

(Freeman, 2010, p. 35). This paper, therefore, seeks to develop and devise a clear one-years marketing plan for Wallace Bakery Company. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This one-year marketing plan for Wallace Bakery Company located in Australia has been formed by its own founders aimed at defining the marketing strategies, gain employees commitment, establish goals, and secure additional financial support for growth. In addition, the marketing plan aims at informing the employees the current status, direction as well as the goals of the firm. Though Wallace Bakery Company was founded only two years ago, it has experienced greater demand for its products and it has gained a greater reputation to its loyal customers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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