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The paper 'Marketing Environment of Apple" is a good example of a marketing case study. Apple Inc. manufactures and sells a wide variety of computer software, personal computers and electronics. It has outlets in a number of countries in the world and also has an online retail shop. Its main rivals are Microsoft, Google and Exxon. The firm’ s market is very wide and has different types of customers. The computer market has strong barriers to entry because key players have strong brand names. Supplier power is very high since there are only two key suppliers of computer components.

The difference in consumer needs poses a big challenge to manufacturers. Personal computers are losing relevance due to the increase in substitutes. The net neutrality debate in Congress, economic downturn and technological developments are posing threats to Apple business operations. Transformation in healthcare structures and transition in the socio-cultural settings presents growth opportunities for Apple. The firm gives training to its consultants’ network. Skimming and premium pricing policies are utilized in setting the prices of Apple’ s products. Report about Apple Introduction Apple Inc. is a transnational corporation that manufactures and retails computer software, electronics and personal computers.

The company’ s most famous products are Macintosh computers, iPad, iPhone and iPod. It is considered one of the trendsetters in the computer manufacturing sector. Apple has brought several changes to the sector and its products are being used by other companies as a basis for designing their own products. Apple has over 350 retail outlets in 13 countries as well as an online retail site. It contends with established companies such as Google, Microsoft and Exxon Mobile (Chazin, 2007).

This report will give an account of Apple’ s market, forces and drifts in the micro and macro business environment, market segment, customer behavior in that segment, marketing mix as well as recommendations for improving its marketing effort.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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