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Essays on Marketing Management and Marketing Strategies as Fundamental in Developing and Marketing the New 4G, Wi-Fi Dial Smart Phone Case Study

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The paper “ Marketing Management and Marketing Strategies as Fundamental in Developing and Marketing the New 4G, Wi-Fi Dial Smart Phone” is a  persuading variant of case study on marketing. Marketing management and strategies play a major and important role in modern business environments. The variables are crucial for business management to combating challenges arising from the market forces, which stem from shifting and unpredictable political, technological, environmental, socio-cultural, legal, financial and economic dynamics (Capon, 2009). Product development is a critical process in modern-day marketing management. Modern businesses are finding it fundamental to invest in encouraging development, implementation and monitoring innovations in product and service delivery (Coyne, & Sujit 1996).

This report will highlight the process involved in product development, its market information, and brand-related issues and analyze the marketing strategies that are in play during the process and the product’ s external environment analysis. In addition, the report will seek to establish the product’ s internal analysis. 2.1 Overview of the New Product/ServiceThe new product is the 4G, Wi-Fi dial smartphone. The phone has features and packaged in such a way to not only make the life of the user easy but also provide appropriate, effective and quality services to the user.

The phone is 4G. This facilitates high-speed internet and a broadband connection, thus saving the client’ s time and money. Moreover, the Wi-Fi feature allows for locating and sending high signals to allow clear voice and messaging connections. The smartphone has a webcam, which allows the user to have an on-time view of the caller on the other end. For business users, the phone can be easily connected to a PC, and thereby allow video conferencing which helps in conducting and transacting businesses over long distances which are vital, in creating new global markets. The phone has a GPS feature, which helps the user locate locations, premises, facilities, which are crucial in locating suppliers, retailers, distributors, existing and potential customers hence improving on supply chain management.

Using the GPS feature, it allows for a smooth flow of products and services on transit hence minimizing costs arising from delayed deliveries. Entertainment wise, the 4G, Wi-Fi dial smartphone is, installed with software that accommodates GPRS services and the users are able to chat with colleagues, business partners, friends, and families live, watch live stream videos, shows, and concerts.

In addition to the feature, one can easily connect live to an event without necessarily being physically there. This feature satisfies the needs of a busy user, who can monitor different events from one point. The smartphone features a high-quality camera and video software whose video and photo clips can be, downloaded directly to a printer or a computer. The phone comes with regularly updating state of the art anti-virus software, to safeguard it against cyber-attack and software viruses.

The phone is water-resistant. It goes without saying the need to have a phone that has a high capacity to not only store high capacity data but is able to accommodate long duration talk times and hold as much as 4GB message content. The phone comes in two sleek colors. That is sleek silver and shiny black. The two colors are versatile to both genders. Due to the increased concern for the environment, the phone is, produced using green technology.

That is, the phone is produced using renewable, recycled and energy-saving raw materials. For its charging, the phone does not rely on power energy alone, but it has been, made to charge using alternative energy such as solar energy. Finally, the phone will be, installed with software that allows compatibility across any network across the world and accommodates e-commerce. This means a constant traveler or an international businessperson, does not need to change their handset every time they visit or go to new locations globally.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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