Essays on Marketing Management Module Of MBA - Final Exam (Marketing Plan) Thesis

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Situation AnalysisThe founders of Swiss Serenity are the owners and managers of over 10,000 restaurants in about 146countries in the world. The founders are under the highly esteemed franchise chain Pizza Hut. The group falls under the ownership of Yum! Brands that holds a total asset bank of $7.15 billion. Pizza hut franchise operates on constant profits annually and is therefore ranked as one of the major revenue earners for the Yum! Brands group. The Pizza hut franchise focuses on establishing itself in inner accessible city locations and it aims at serving clients of all ages.

Pizza Hut is known for the best pizza dishes in the world and venturing into the hotel industry will be its first true show of versatility. It had once established itself as 6 restaurants in Switzerland but however closed as it was running on losses. Its undying spirit of success however drives Pizza Hut to penetrate the Switzerland market a second time. This time round, it accommodates its renowned restaurant in the Swiss Serenity Hotel. Market needsSwiss Serenity Hotel will offer the superb quality services that Pizza Hut is popular for.

It aims at providing its customers with benefits and value that rests above the rates and standards of its facilities. It seeks to provide each of its guests with personal service that is of exemplary standards that meets the levels of recognition that millions have relied on. The environment created by Swiss Serenity is one which accommodates clients of various characteristics laying emphasis on delivering a luxurious and relaxed feel. This environment is one which is personalized, unlike those found with most of our competitors. Swiss Serenity will operate in a city that is known to be a frequently visited location and it is vital for the hotel to be at close range with each of its customers.

The MarketSwiss Serenity is a five star hotel, comprising 125 guestrooms. It does not only specialize in serving corporate clients but it also specializes on travelling families and individuals that frequent Zurich. The key clients to our hotel are upper class clients that originate from the domestic and international market segments. Swiss Serenity is strategically positioned next to the main airport area in Switzerland and it also enjoys the close proximity to shopping malls, fine Switzerland restaurants and museums to the convenience of its customers.

It is also located in a city that is rich in culture and boasts of remarkable pieces of architecture. The life of Zurich is one of high quality, receiving great scores for leisure, housing, work and safety. Key to the success of our hotel is the high level of worldwide customer loyalty enjoyed by the Pizza Hut brand. Repeat business each year will also allow us to project growing profits in the first 5years of operations.

We offer services that range from conference rooms to recreational services such as lounges, mini-bars, a pool and a casino to ensure that most needs of our customers are met. The hotel is equipped with adequate staff to allow close relationships to be formed with each customer, adding the value of the hotel in relation to other competitive hotels in the close and far vicinity.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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