Essays on Marketing Mistakes & Successes: United Way Case Study

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The situation with United Way of America today Today the United Way is involved with the solution of problems in the local sector and communities such as providing shelter, food and other needs facing the local people. The donations have further rebounded and increased to cater for the organization and help it manage. Since 2005, the firm now handles more cases and calls and caters for even larger numbers of evacuees than before (United Way of America 29). Are local agencies contributing to the national? The presidency of Elaine Chao led to evident changes in the restoration of the lost public faith in the organization.

She instilled changes that included representatives of the locals in committees and formation of new policies the ensured accountability and response to the locals. That way the image was restored and the locals now contribute to the national due to the transparency. Have donations matched or exceeded previous levels? The donations have exceeded the previous level since the changes were implemented where the donors increased their donations. This is because there was utility and transparency on how their donations were utilized to create a difference.

It was reported that in 2007, the revenue had increased by a 2.7 percent to an amount of 4.7 billion (United Way of America 41). This was an increase that had not been noted before and thus the donations exceeded the previous levels. What is Elaine Chao doing now? Since her retirement from being the president of the organization in September 1st 1996, Elaine plans included becoming a lecturer, supporting her husband re-election, joining a think tank and campaigning for Bob Dole. Currently she is a distinguished fellow at the Heritage Foundation which is a conservative policy research institution and is involved in issues relating to trade, competitiveness, jobs, workforce and employment.

Despite this, she contributes to Fox news and servers in the board of directors at Wells Fargo, Dole Food Company (United Way of America 23). Has Brian Gallagher brought any transparency? Since his inception in the organization in the year 2002 as a chief executive officer, Brian Gallagher implemented causes of action which have had tremendous results in the firm. He instilled change by using episodes of the former leaders in exploitations to bring about a turn in events.

He motivated the donors and brought about the much desired fast change. These he achieved by implementing rules of membership and reporting to the organization, merging smaller entities and also closing the unneeded affiliates; thus activities in the organization could be effectively carried. For instance, the Metropolitan Chicago was formed by consolidating 50 separate United Way to ensure efficiency and transparency at work. The community responded to this change in kind and since then there was an increase in donations and the organization bounced back to vitality.

It can be concluded that the chief actually led to transparency in the organization. How would you judge the public image of United Way of America today? Currently United Way is viewed as a competent organization whose services extended to the larger communities where its help is needed. The public image has been enhanced greatly and most communities call widely with regard to services such as shelter, medical assistance, food, recovery information and job training. Moreover, the organization has received goodwill from the public and the donor and thus has raised the revenue tremendously. Works Cited United Way of America.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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