Essays on Marketing Mix and Invisional Hosting Ltd in Achieving Its Marketing Plan in the Industry Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Mix and Invisional Hosting Ltd in Achieving Its Marketing Plan in the Industry" is a good example of a case study on marketing.   The writer hereby commissions the work for grading in the department as part of my academic work. The work is also authorized for use by other interested parties such as Invisional Web Hosting Company for implementation to achieve business’ marketing goals. The report is a marketing plan which clearly outlines the measures to be put in place to propel Invisional web Hosting Ltd into greater heights in the web hosting industry. Limitations The report was prepared amidst a number of challenges that may in one or the other affect the results of the report once fully implemented.

One of the greatest limitations was the quantification of the cost of implementing the tactics outlined in the work plan. This is because of the rickety world economy which might result in variances one the marketing plan rolls out. Scope of the Report This is a marketing audit report for a service company known as Invision Hosting Ltd. It analyzes the marketing mix of the company, with particular reference to the 7Ps and how they can be achieved effectively.

The 7 Ps are clearly outlined, with specific objectives and tactics to achieve them. The report then draws an action plan to achieve the overall market strategy and concludes with a contingency plan. Materials have been retrieved from the company’ s profile and other related articles especially those touching on a marketing plan and the marketing mix. Marketing Mix The marketing mix is the combination of all the elements which one employs in marketing a company’ s products (BusinesDictionary. com, 2011; Mind Teacher, 2011).

The 7 elements include; product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence. The seven elements of the marketing mix have got subparts, such as the promotion mix, pricing strategy, distribution channels and the roles of the intermediaries and product innovation development and packaging which help an organization achieve its marketing objectives. The marketing mix put in place by Invisional hosting will help the company provide services in the exact place at the exact price at the specific and convenient time to the customers (Mind Tools, 2011). Services marketing objective for the overall firm The overall objective of the company is the provision of a high-quality web hosting for the internet home users and small and medium enterprise.

This is aimed at increasing the number of customers using web hosting services. The company has so far established itself as a force to reckon in the market and would like to see an increase in its customer base over the next year ( Invisional 2011). Stiff competition from its rivals is another challenge to the company, despite the fact that the company would love to maintain a foothold over its existing market.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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