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The paper "Marketing Mix Elements of Boost Company" is a brilliant example of an essay on marketing. Boost Company is a company that is the manufacturer of juice drinks and snacks. It started as a single and small retail outlet but expanded its operations and up to now, it’ s operating in more than 14 countries. Among the products of the company include fruit-flavored Slushie concentrates, juice watermelon, green apple, and orange squeeze (Boost Company 2012). The aim of this paper is to present the results of the marketing audit I did at Boost Company about its marketing mix.

The marketing mix is the combination of 4ps which are the product, place, promotion, and price (Dev & Schultz 2005). For any organization, the marketing mix is the basic elements that should be considered when managing the performance of the organization. In the modern business, the degree of competition for the market share is high among the organizations of the same industry and therefore every organization is much concerned on it can gain a competitive advantage. The marketing mix serves as a tool for marketing managers to design the objectives of marketing and how to achieve them.

It further aims at finding a solution to customers’ demands, the customer's cost, convenience, and communication of the product between the manufacturer and the customers. Therefore in this report, I will discuss the four marketing mix elements of Boost Company and how it has helped the company to be unique in the market and gain competitive advantage. Further, I will discuss what the company is doing different from the competitors in terms of the marketing mix to improve its performance. The marketing mix The product As stated above, Boost Company manufactures and distributes bottled drinks in the Australian market and other countries.

The products include orange squeeze, juice watermelon, green apple, and bottled drinks among many others. The product as a marketing mix includes features like the quality of the products, their features, their design, style, the products’ packaging, the innovation of the product and the labeling of the products (Randall 2001). Boost Company manufactures and distributes quality products to the customers than the competitors and this has enabled the company to maintain its market share.

Customers are conscious about the quality of the products they buy and compare the satisfaction they derive from the product and their expectations. In this regard, the boost company has been able to meet the product quality requirements which has attracted and retained many customers thus the company is able to compete effectively for the market share. Boost Company manufactures products of different features to meet the different customers’ needs. For instance, the color of the green apple is different from the color of the juice water Mellon being Mallon.

Therefore these different features have met the customer's different demands and likes.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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