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The paper "Marketing Mix Plan for Nestle" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. Chocolate is one of the leading products ever produced by Nestle, with the most popular being Munch, Nestle Kitkat, Polo, Milky bar and Eclairs. Another product is Nescafe, which is the classic instant coffee with the best quality made from carefully selected coffee beans and delivered in various sizes ranging from 200gr glass jars to 5gr sachets. It is a medium-dark roast that provides a full flavour and offers a refreshing taste. Nescafe offers product support and after-sale service with a mailing address, phone number, customer support, Twitter and Facebook pages on its website. It is a combination of NESTLE and café ; ‘ Nes’ meaning miracle and ‘ café ’ meaning coffee-miracle with coffee.

Nescafe Classic can be classified into a consumer product class and is a very convenient product. Consumers buy it immediately, frequently, and with least comparison and buying effort. Nescafe is very compatible with an individual’ s life and everyone who has not tested it can incorporate it into daily life with ease. Other products offered by Nestle Company include: Milk and Milk products – these include such products as Nestle Milkmaid, Nestle slim and Nestle everyday Cooking aides and prepared dishes– Nestle has another category of products which comes into cooking aides and prepared dishes.

One of the major cash cows of Nestle lies in this segment, which is Maggi. As can be seen, Nescafe and Maggi are two products that contribute to the company’ s brand equity The significant factor in Nestle is that there is the quality maintenance of its products, and there are few complaints regarding the company’ s products in the market.

This is one of the milestones especially for a company that relies majorly on food products Price The price adopted by Nescafe depends on the market of every individual product. For instance, Nescafe and Maggie being the leaders in the market are priced with relatively higher margins for the company as compared to other competitors. This comes as a result of good product quality, and any skimming price will not make the consumer switch the brands. In the case of a market entry strategy, Nescafe is using market skimming strategy when they are entering a new market.

This is because they believe that their target coffee consumers belonged to an upper class, after which the success of this strategy they can lower the prices so that they can target the middle class. For the case of established products, the company focuses on maintaining prices. This is because the competitors are very weak when it comes to market share. Therefore, this gives Nestle an edge on competitors to sustain prices, especially when introducing a new product into the market. Promotions One of the famous tunes is the Nescafe tune that was one of the best advertising campaigns launched for the last twenty years.

Nonetheless, that campaign made Nescafe very competitive and widely known in the market. On the other hand, the company’ s brand was also pushed by the exceptional product quality of Maggi and humorous and innovative campaigns of Maggi. Where Nescafe focused so much on the value and the good things in life, Maggi, on the other hand, focused on the good moments you had with your Maggi.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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