Essays on Marketing Mix, the Supply and Management Chain Equations for Blackmores Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Mix, the Supply and Management Chain Equations for Blackmores" is a wonderful example of a case study on marketing. Marketing is ‘ the social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others’ , (Kotler, et al. , 2006) One of the better ways of ensuring that there are a proper retention and expansion of bases of consumer base is to ensure that the business is able to ensure deliverance of a consumer needs that are suited to the manner and processes of the need at the time and place needed in a manner that delivers on the brand promise (Accenture, 2008). Basic Considerations in Marketing: People today, do not just "buy" a product.

They "buy" the concept of what that product will do for them, or help them do for themselves. It is in this context that the relevance of the marketing concept becomes clear as it helps a given organization understand its product and the market to which the product is aimed (Berry and Wilson: 13). What can be understood in this regard is that no product has a universal appeal nor can it have a universal marketing plan, there are a number of considerations that alter plans based on product and brand (Aker and Mills, 2001).

It is in cases such as these that the primacy of the marketing strategy comes to the fore. There are basically three parts to any given marketing strategy formulations: Segmentation Targeting positioning Company Background: Blakemore has been a part of the expansion and advertising of health products for a long time. The range of products that the company has on offer includes vitamin medication, herbal medicines and mineral dietary additions (Official Blackmores Website, 2009).

Blackmore’ s is, in essence, an Australian company with an operational presence in Thailand and in Malaysia. There is also an autonomous dispensing system present in the countries of southeast Asia like Indonesia besides having a presence in New Zealand. There is a variety of products that the company deals with-these include medication for a variety of pain medication, cold and influenza immunizations, medication related to the wellbeing of the digestive system, etc. Executive Summary: Blakemore’ s is a brand that enjoys a high level of recognition power in Australia and New Zealand.

It is in fact known as the vitamin kings of the country. It has also seen high rates of growth and development in countries of South East Asia that include countries like Malaysia, Thailand Hong Kong Singapore, and Indonesia. The company has employed a variety of marketing and logistics plans in every market that it has ventured into (Data Services International Report, 2003). The company has had operations in Hong Kong for over 15 years.

Even then, there is still no office that the company has in the country. At the same time, Singapore has witnessed not just an official distribution system along with an official space that employees more than forty people.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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