Essays on Marketing Nutella in the United Arab Emirates Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Nutella in the United Arab Emirates" is an excellent example of a case study on marketing. The contemporary business world is characterized by increased competition. Businesses must make every effort to secure significant market share, through customer loyalty while increasing their profits. This paper seeks to present a marketing report for marketing Nutella (Ferrero’ s Bread spread product) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Four target markets have been chosen for Nutella in the UAE: children, teenagers, young women and Restaurants (and hotels). Three advertisement media will be used for marketing Nutella: television advertisements, magazines, and internet advertisements.

Promotion activities, in the form of roadshows and school visits will also be used for creating brand awareness. A three-dimension distribution approach will be employed in the distribution of Nutella: selling directly to final consumers, selling to retailers and convenience stores, and following the traditional distribution channel (Manufacturer-wholesaler-retailer-consumer). Introduction Marketing is a crucial business activity that determines the success of a product and the profitability of the business under consideration. Effective marketing requires an excellent understanding of the product or service under consideration and the target market in order to engage the right marketing mix.

Market analysis is a crucial step when introducing a new product in the market, which facilitates the determination of the promotion mix. There are various analytical tools that are used in market analysis, some of which include SWOT analysis, Pestle analysis, and Porter’ s five forces analysis. A comprehensive market audit using the aforementioned tools, coupled with market research and analysis, enables companies to set up prices, determine promotion mix and distribution channels effectively. Company Description: Ferrero SpA Ferrero SpA is an Italian-based company that manufactures confectionery products, such as chocolate.

The company was founded in 1946 by confectioner known as Pietro Ferrero, who started the company in Italy in a place known as Alba (Nutellausa, n.d). Ferrero started the company after he invented a food product, Pasta Gianduja, which was made of cocoa and hazelnuts derived from Gianduja. Pasta Gianduja is usually spread on bread, and it is considered a breakfast product (Nutellausa, n.d). Ferrero was established for producing and marketing the newly invented product, Pasta Gianduja, which was sold as the main company product until 1964 when Ferrero and his sons (who had joined the company as chief executives) decided to change the recipe of Pasta Gianduja to make Nutella (Nutellausa, n.d).

The new product, Nutella, was introduced into the market in 1964. Currently, Nutella is a very popular food product all over the world making Ferrero the most popular company all over the world (Kneale, 2009).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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