Essays on Marketing of Cryotherapy Products in JLP Limited Case Study

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The paper “ Marketing of Cryotherapy Products in JLP Limited” is an outstanding variant of case study on marketing. This essay is an outline marketing plan report that is to be presented to the Board of Directors containing a SWOT and PEST analysis, market research and action plan about marketing Cryotherapy products. Situational AnalysisAs the Marketing Director of JLP Limited, it is important to understand that cryotherapy is the use of extremely low temperatures when removing heat from a body part during medical therapies. It involves the freezing of body parts whose tissues have been injured or have swollen.

Sportsmen and athletes are highly susceptible to tissue or cell injuries resulting from the activities that they engage in during their sports. They are exposed to a lot of dangers while participating in their respective sports. The dangers of the game are ever-increasing for sportsmen and women. Those that are involved in sports like rugby, football, baseball, cricket, softball, handball, netball, volleyball, tennis, golf and basketball among many other sports are at risk of injuring themselves during the game. Athletes that are involved in races and walks are no exception.

What these people need is an instant relief from the pain that they are exposed to. They need a product that will reassure them of quick and speedy relief from aches and pains that they can get while in the field. Cryotherapy is an instant and easy way of ensuring that tissue pains are relieved instantly. Athletes and sportsmen need instant relief from such pain. They need this relief so that they can return to shape immediately after an injury and rush back to the field to continue with the game.

Injuries are known to cause pain and spasms that slow down the athletes and sportsmen by inhibiting their full potential. Instant relief from the pain is all they need. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) AnalysisA SWOT analysis is a tool used to audit an organization and its external and internal environment. It is a method used in strategic planning that evaluates and analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that may arise or are involved in a particular business venture or project stated by Christensen  (1997). StrengthsThese are the characteristics of the project that will give it an advantage over the others in the industry.

In regard to the cryotherapy project, the possible strengths are that the JLP Company is a well-recognized specialist in the marketing of sports medicines. The company is well recognized as a producer of quality and innovative products of medication, especially those that provide instant relief to injuries. The location of the company is also in the sporting capital. This means that it is near the prospective clients and it would be easy to talk to them and convince them to buy the cryotherapy products.

The processes and procedures used to produce these cryotherapy products are states of the art and they are of high standards. This ensures that the products of the company remain a favorite among many people. All these factors add value to the company and give it a competitive advantage over the others.      

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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