Essays on Marketing of Grilld Restaurants in Australia Research Proposal

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The paper "Marketing of Grill’ d Restaurants in Australia" is an excellent example of a research proposal on marketing. Since its inception in 2004 in Australia, Grill’ d restaurant has gained acceptability within the community and customers. Many outlets have been put up to cater to the surging number of customers. Grill’ d a restaurant is a unique brand that focuses on quality food and service in appealing to customers. Burgers from Grill’ d restaurants have been praised for being healthy and fresh. Provision quality service appeals to many customers in the hospitality industry. In an effort to understand the sustainable competitive advantage in Grill’ d a restaurant, the following research proposal has been prepared.

The research proposal gives details of what will be carried out in the research. Background information on Grill’ d Restaurants in Australia The concept Grill’ d offer a fresh, vibrant, and new approach to what is come to know as the most prevalently accepted food concept in the entire world known as the burger. The concept of Grill’ d come into being when the founder of the company, Simon Crowe, resolved to do something concerning the issue of the absence of dignified and healthy hamburger in the market in Australia.

The first restaurant of Grill’ d commenced in Melbourne Hawthorn Suburb in the year 2004, in March. It offered fresh, quality meal-sized burgers that were processed from chicken breast, 100% beef, veggie patties, and lamb. The remarkable performance of the first restaurant led to the establishment of other Grill’ d restaurants in quick succession, in Melbourne, prior to commencement of interstate expansions which was rolled in the year 2007. Presently there are about over forty-five restaurants across Bendigo, Melbourne, Coolangatta, Cairns, New Castle, Sidney, Perth, and Canberra and many others within the pipeline. Encouraging consumer response to the model of Grill’ d continue to sustain growth, propelled by positive media and community support.

Grill’ d is normally open for dinner and lunch and offers both takeaway and in-store dining. Part of the experience at Grill’ d is seeing made-to-order burgers that are delicious being prepared on the flame grill and wrapped using fresh toppings. All restaurants meet high standards and offer a casual, funky, and casual environment for relaxation. The business is operated under the virtue of cleanliness, urgency, and friendliness.

Grill’ d is the 2009 and 2010 winner of FCA Emerging Franchisor of the Year (Hooley et al, 2008). It has a strong customer appeal, experienced management, and competitive advantage which ride on the shifting towards great tasting, convenient, and healthy meal solutions. Grill’ d senior ownership and management team is reputable and professional, with vast retail, marketing, and sales experience across large, medium, and small-sized enterprises. Emphasis is placed on store design, teamwork, branding, customer culture, and service. The concept’ s success is offering passionate, enthusiastic people an exciting chance of joining the family of Grill’ d Franchise.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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