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Riverview HotelExecutive SummaryThe Riverview Hotel is located at Notown USA. It is a representative of the five star hotel brands within the private Business Hotels located worldwide of the World' group. All Hotels are boutique properties that offer 25 and 35 rooms. The Hotel offers benefits and value to its clients, above and over the standard of the hotel’s facilities as well as affordable rates. The company seeks to provide its guests with an exemplary service, and high level of recognition, which they have come to truly rely upon (Cooper 2005, p. 11-17).

The hotel also provides its guest with a relaxed, luxurious environment within which they can easily conduct their business; an environment that they cannot find anywhere else especially from other competitors (Cooper 2005, p. 11-17). The guests have a chance to develop a strong relationship with the hotel, which ensures value for their money, efficiency and reliability in the process of supplying them with anything they need, and when they need it. The Riverview Hotel also operates in a city ideally with the strongest sense of community, and its owner’s prospect to stay an integral part of the general community. PlaceThe Business Hotels owned by the World' group is positioned as the ninth largest Hotel chain internationally in the world, with at least over 320 wholly managed and owned properties.

The group of hotels specializes in occupying inner city and strategic, locations and serving chiefly corporate clients. The properties of the hotels range from high-class three to five star among other categories, and comprise the following brands including River Post Houses, River Inns, and Riverview Hotels. The group of hotels has a high case in point of repeat business transversely all its brands, predominantly the Riverview Hotels properties that account for 68% of revenue within the group.

The Riverview Hotel is reliant on annually tapered clients from the travel trade, IT and automotive sectors with surefire room nights per year. The Riverview properties in general are renowned for their strategic and convenient locations within big and large cities all over the country. ProductProduct is a critical element of the marketing mix (Goldsmith 1999, p. 178-185). For Business Hotels owned by the World' group such as Riverview Hotel they high-quality facilities well accompanied by consummate personal service, that differentiates from its strong competition quality with the by and large brand strategy have established to be a strategically successful approach that generate high levels of business.

Also, tantamount with the brand are the high-level of service that the guests receive personally, and the across-the-board range of comprehensive facilities of business available in highly luxurious settings. The Riverview Hotel has at least 35 exclusive rooms and in they provide appropriate services in accommodations for the customers. PricingRiverview Hotel’s pricing strategy has been a terrifically consistent trend with the differentiation objective, providing added value for a sensible rate, as opposed to de-valuing and discounting its services.

Room rates from the hotel quoted are net of service and tax, are per room, per night, with continental breakfast in the offer. They include corporate single for only $95.00, corporate double for only $125.00, corporate double deluxe for only $ 175.00 and corporate suite for only $225.00 with maximum occupancy of at least 2 persons. The respective prices are fixed, but reservations are made based on offers.

Conference room rates at Riverview Hotel are net of service and tax quoted per day use ideally with coffee and tea breaks included. They include the Riverview Boardroom for roughly $260.00, the Riverview Conference Hall for only $320.00, and the Riverview Ballroom for $875.00 among many other subsidiary arrangements for conference rooms.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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