Essays on Marketing of Service Product: Case of Nyali Beach Hotel in Mombasa Kenya Case Study

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The paper "Marketing of Service Product: Case of Nyali Beach Hotel in Mombasa Kenya" is a brilliant example of a case study on marketing. While studying marketing many authors have mentioned the application of 4 P’ s that represent pricing, place, product, and promotion. The necessity to study the 4 P’ s is for the purpose of implementing marketing plans in businesses. The P of pricing analyses all the issues that touch on costing and the eventual prices that consumers buy products or services. P of a product is about decisions that are made in relation to designing or redesigning products and services while distribution and supply chain management are addressed through the P of place.

The final P of promotion analysis all the aspects of marketing related to the promotion of products and services. This is done by marketers through the use of different types of media for adverting or through personal or direct selling. Marketers in the service industry saw the need for the addition of more P’ s to address the unique nature of service marketing. As a result, 3 additional P’ s have been generated leading to 7 P’ s.

The additional P’ s represent process, people, and physical evidence. In the service industry, services are mainly delivered by people even when technology is used in the delivery of service. This paper will address the application of the 7 P's at the Nyali Beach Hotel in Mombasa Kenya. 1.1 Justification Nyali Beach Hotel provides various forms of service to both local and international visitors. Accommodation is one type of service that is available to clients and the hotel management has introduced various types of accommodation that include single, triple, double and presidential suites.

In this hotel, guests are provided with health and wellness spas where massage and physical fitness services are availed to the willing guests. Guests are also provided with a variety of sports to engage them during their leisure time. These sports include beach volleyball, rafting, tennis, chess, and swimming among others. There are many restaurants at Nyali where guests are served with foods and drinks which is another form of service. As many scholars have noted, hotels and other hospitality outlets are categorized to be in the service industry and hence Nyali Beach Hotel was a viable choice of company. 2.0 Analysis of 7 P’ s at Nyali Beach Hotel 2.1 Product The product in services marketing is considered to be intangible as it cannot be measured.

It is therefore important for caution to be observed when designing service products. For the case of Nyali Beach Hotel, a hotel blueprint was prepared first before the business was established. It is through the service blueprint that the product is clearly defined. The product service at Nyali Beach Hotel is categorized into food and beverage services, accommodation services, entertainment services, and conference facilities.

There are five restaurants at Nyali Beach Hotel that serve various cuisines (Philips & Gourlay, 2006).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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