Essays on Marketing of Service Products in Eco Beach Case Study

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The paper "Marketing of Service Products in Eco Beach" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. The 7ps of marketing has been used for marketing both services and products. However, this report outlines how eco beach resort has utilized the 7ps in the provision of its services to both existing and potential customers. The report critically examines each concept by first defining it before elaborating with examples of how Eco beach has utilized the same. The report is divided into sections which include an introduction, a critical examination of the 7ps which makes up the body of this particular report then the recommendations and the conclusion part. Marketing of service product Introduction The 7Ps also referred to as the marketing mix model is applied by marketers in defining the strategies of marketing employed in both services and in product marketing.

This marketing mix consists of price, product, place, physical evidence, promotion, process, and people Weber and Chon (116). Moreover, marketing managers are in a position to use the 7ps in understanding the existing marketing. This particular report critically examines how Eco Beach utilizes 7ps in marketing its services.

Eco Beach is a first-class resort that provides a wide range of services to its customers. Price Price is defined as the specific amount a customer pays for a good or service. The concept of pricing is a major aspect of the tourism industry. Nonetheless, elements such as regional and seasonal variations impact the price that a particular service or product can be charged. According to Weber and Chon (116), a high percentage of consumers are not in a position to predict the price of a service or a product.

Therefore, it is important for the Eco Beach to ensure that pricing strategy matches the expectations of the consumer. Eco Beach uses the customers’ perception pertaining to the value of the services to set its prices. Eco Beach has special deals and packages which it uses to attract its customers. For instance, the barefoot beach weekend package is exclusively offered by Eco Beach. This particular package consists of 2 days' accommodation which is double (Eco Beach). The package further comes with continental breakfast offered on a daily basis in addition to free sunset drinks upon arrival of the guests which is on Friday.

On Saturday the company provides live entertainment and a 3-course dinner. Moreover, on Saturday and Sunday Eco Beach provides its guests with an opportunity to hire for free stand up paddleboard and kayak. The offers are varied in relation to the expectations of the customers regarding the services offered by the resort. For instance, the garden view Eco tent, ocean view tent, garden view Villa, ocean view Eco villa and the oceanfront Eco villa are priced at $ 249, 283,339,452 and 666 respectively (Eco Beach).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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