Essays on Marketing of Service Products in the CBD Dental Center in Perth, Australia Case Study

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The paper “ Marketing of Service Products in the  CBD Dental Center in Perth, Australia" is a motivating example of a case study on marketing. Clients develop attitudes towards service products based on the salient beliefs they have about the particular product service. Choices made by consumers are made in reference to the value, psychological or product consequences as well as the beliefs they hold about the service. There are a number of criteria that contribute to the choices made in certain situations. However, these criteria or attributes vary especially dependent on their contribution to the choice one is about to make at a particular time (Muzondo et al 2007, pp. 154-165).

Marketing is meant to highlight the attributes possessed by the service product, which can then be considered by the consumer as a first choice when considering decisions. Matching the offers of the marketer with the needs of a target group of consumers is the main essence behind a service provider having a competitive advantage. If marketers want to attain and maintain the service provider’ s competitive advantage in the long term while sticking to marketing concepts, the focus of marketing should be on attributes that are attractive to specific target markets that they deal with.

Different services give different challenges to marketers. Among the most challenging are healthcare products because it is harder to make services available amenable to matching customer anticipations. Services offered in healthcare have characteristics that include customization, inseparability, complexity and variability. Thus, it is increasingly important for healthcare practitioners to develop healthcare services that fit with customer expectations and for them to maintain and improve of these services (Palmer et al 2005, pp. 313– 333).

This is more imperative in the dental setting owing to reduced birthrates and better oral hygiene thus, a plateau in demand. In addition, the last decade has seen the increase of the number of dentists by about 50 percent. This paper will explore the marketing of service products using the framework of the CBD dental center in Perth, Australia. A critical analysis of the services provided at the dental center will be evaluated with the guidance of the literature of marketing services products. Special attention will be given to the 7Ps of service marketing.

They include product, price, promotion, place, people, processes and physical environment. Recommendations on improvement of the dental services offered will be made with specific attention given to four of the seven Ps. Marketing services takes on a different form especially since these types of products have characteristics that must be acknowledged in marketing strategies. They include intangibility, perishability, heterogeneity and inseparability. The potential of the dentistry service can be maximized if the employees are educated and tackling problems that have been encountered before effectively.

Market segments put different levels of priority of different attributes before deciding on which dentist to visit. Consequently, it is important for dental practitioners to ascertain the prioritized attributes within each of the segments. Competition between dental practitioners is happening using strategies through service quality produced for greater differentiation (Palmer et al 2005, pp. 313– 333). The more successful often place focus on a paradigm governed by services thus investing in technology, people and human resource policies as well as compensation of employees.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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