Essays on Marketing of Service - Vietnam Restaurant Case Study

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The paper "Marketing of Service - Vietnam Restaurant" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. Gia Hoi Restaurant is a Vietnamese eatery which is situated along George Street of Chinatown in Sydney the restaurant has two other branches in Western Sydney. The restaurant offers Vietnamese soups, foods and beverages. This paper has analysed several roles of service providers such as providing customer satisfaction and delivering services to customers. Gia Hoi was found to possess the dimensions of reliability, assurance, empathy and responsiveness as demonstrated in the service process. The paper explains the extent to which Gia Hoi employees become part of the product and brand.

Conflicts at the place of work were found to be caused by differing values, personality conflicts and poor communication. There was evidence of emotional labour in the workplace given the nature of Gia Hoi’ s business. Employees are empowered through training in Vietnamese and Australian languages. This makes them suited for the job. The pricing strategy is based on forces of market demand and supply. Current pricing, promotions and evaluation have been analysed as well.

Finally, the paper has explained how Gia Hoi should improve the elements of customer quality, satisfaction, perceived value and customer retention and the effectiveness of current measures of quality, satisfaction or perceived value. Gia Hoi Restaurant offers a big volume of services to a wide range of customers. Its location attracts people from different cultures with different eating habits. This means that it needs to have a high level of customer service. Customer satisfaction and in the hotel industry is pegged on frontline service providers. Frontline service providers are employees who get into first contact with customers.

It is therefore their role to maintain loyalty since they risk losing their jobs if this does not happen. The main role of front line service providers is to take and deliver customer orders. They offer service delivery and develop relationships with customers.  

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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