Essays on The Role of Quality Information Sharing and Supply Chain Proximity Case Study

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The paper 'The Role of Quality Information Sharing and Supply Chain Proximity " is a perfect example of a Marketing Case Study. Houzit is a homewares store in Brisbane operating a total of fifteen stores. According to a report from Lambers Consulting for a period of six months, the estimates provided by the consulting firm indicate that the market for homewares in Brisbane is $199 million per annum. This figure represents a rise from last year's figure of $175 million per annum last year. The consulting firm had predicted a growth of 10% for this year.

Migration from other states has been attributed to high growth. The building activities in Brisbane have contributed to the high numbers of migrants and Lamberts Consulting predicts that the same trend will go on for not less than the coming five years. The fifteen Houzit stores have been making weekly sales averaging $28,200. The prediction had been 8.5% on the sales of $24,680 per week previously. Houzit had expected to achieve a market share of 12%. The Internet market took $100,000. The company believes that the amount spent on the web marketing is justified.

This is because the chain of stores expects to sell more homewares online and industry trends point to the fact that online marketing is set to account for a larger share of sales for any company. The company intends to maintain the current market share and thus achieve growth which is solid and controllable. The paper, therefore, provides an analysis of the outcomes of the three marketing activities. Analysis 1. Analysis: (a) Magazine advertising and Public Relations The head of Public Relations was charged with the responsibility of coming up with advertisements that would be featured in the leading magazines which focus on homewares.

The company spent $250,000 on advertising, $30,000 on Public Relations. Many companies opted to cut down on their advertising budget but Houzit realized that it was the perfect opportunity to promote their goods and ensure that it met its targets. The company's head of public relations department, Marie was to make write ups which would be published in magazines and the magazines’ websites. The write ups concentrated on highlighting the strengths of the chain of stores.

The write ups also set out in detail the reasons why the would-be clients should opt to purchase from Houzit store and not from any other stores. Marie is a good writer and confident when speaking to any audience and she demonstrated her mettle when addressing various workshops and expos on home wares which were organized in the city of Brisbane. The magazines in which Marie made the write ups concentrate on home wares and have a wide readership. There are many readers in Brisbane who have made subscriptions for the magazine and it is certain that many people got to know about the offers made available by the company.

A review of the people who purchased and read the magazines dealing with homewares showed that it was mostly middle-aged people who stuck to the traditional way of reading the written word to get the information that they deem necessary. Public Relations involved responding to queries from clients and potential clients. This is a mode of creating awareness about the quality of the company’ s products and the offers and after sale services offered by the company.

The advertising and public relation did produce some impressive results for the company. This was deduced from the feedback obtained from the clients who visited the stores and stated that they got the information through advertisement.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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