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The paper "Marketing Plan for Led Firefly Lamp" is an amazing example of a case study on marketing. Rapid developments that are emerging in the solar cells, the lighting that is being supplied through LEDs is creating a lot of cost reduction in many of the developed countries. A country running on LED will tend to save a lot of power consumption, and this with time will gradually happen as in the current era a lot of research work is being done on the use of LED lights everywhere (Energy Alternatives 2010). Situation Analysis The Company Barefoot Power Barefoot power is a business based on social entrepreneurs.

It works on designing those products that are beneficial for the people living in poor countries. So, that the poverty level reduces in these countries. Barefoot believes that in developing the country economically, it is necessary to access energy as this is one of the key elements and key building blocks. To make technology available for people around the globe, residing in poor conditions deserve to be given such a product which gives them high value (Barefoot power 2010). Resources and value of the company which makes it unique The company’ s main aim has been to design high tech technology products for providing benefits to the people who are residing in poor countries.

The organization has a wide range of products that are targeted towards providing poor communities with useful technology-related products. At the start of the product’ s life cycle we are not aiming to capture the whole market share, targeted customers especially those lacking electricity are focused on more than the local customers. The Barefoot organization has strong links with the industry of microfinance and that makes it have a competitive edge than its competitors (Barefoot power 2010). The Product The product name is Firefly, which is solar-powered and uses LED lighting.

The firefly can be charged with an AC power or by a solar panel. This is what makes the product extremely unique that it can be charged with a solar panel which will be available everywhere. The smallest lamp of the firefly will provide 5-6 hours with a charged battery. The larger 4V4Ah firefly will provide more hours on the battery. Core product: The core product is the lamp. Actual product: The actual product is the Led lamp Augmented product: The Augmented product is the LED lamp which is operated on solar cells. Price The product is being sold at 0.5 -5W, the LED lamps are working on solar power cells and they are rechargeable also.

In Africa and the pacific the LED lamps are being sold between $5-$50. In the local market of Australia, the prices may vary according to the product. Mission To give better options to the poor people for lighting up their homes without the use of kerosene.

For achieving this target they have introduced different types of lighting products in their organizations which undergo manufacturing in large quantities.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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