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The paper "Marketing Plan for Butchers@Home" is a worthy example of a case study on marketing.   Butchers@Home is a relatively new division of Mauro Bros Butchers, a Melbourne based company that specializes in the sale of meat and several other products. The company has been in operation for over thirty years and has served various households and institutions like restaurants and nursing homes. The company’ s thirty-year experience in business has seen them grow from just a small company that was serving an extremely limited number of clients, into a big company that a chain of suppliers and boasts of over thirty different products in its list. After thirty years of service, Mauro Bros Butchers decided to establish a new division that would be used to serve the online market.

This is what led to the establishment of Butchers@Home, which is the company’ s online marketing branch. Butchers@Home would meet the demands for the exponentially growing online market since many people are nowadays turning to buy things online and even having them delivered to their homes. This enormous market had already been targeted by various companies as well as farms that specialize in the sale of meat.

Butchers@Home would, therefore, be entering into a territory with its own challenges and established competitors. Besides the meat products, Butchers@Home added to their product list several products that are in high demand and are sold by the mother company, Mauro Bros Butchers. This would help them to compete effectively with other established firms. The product mix includes meat and poultry, prepared foods, game, cheese, bones and pet food. With this product mix, Butchers@Home can assure its customers of several products under its name (Cheverton, 2005, 21). Since its inception, the company has performed well since the revenues have been increasing every year.

This is so also for profits and markets. At the moment, this online division for Mauro Bros Butchers is quickly growing to become one of the most profitable divisions for the firm. This marketing plan aims at increasing the market share for Butchers@Home by defining the methods to be used to reach new customers and boost sales. Mission Statement The mission of Butchers@Home is derived from the mission of Mauro Bros Butchers.

The mission is to provide the community in Melbourne with quality meat and a variety of services that they can access from the comfort and convenience of their homes or wherever they may be. In order to achieve this, the company places considerable value on its customers and devices new ways to reach them in the most effective way possible, while at the same time doing a lot of research and development to ensure that all the potential markets are identified and reached. The company places significant value on quality and timeliness (Westwood, 2008, 12).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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