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The paper "Marketing Plan for D J Miles & Co Limited " is an outstanding example of a case study on marketing. Like any other business D J miles & co limited has a mission that guides the company into its day to day activities and every activity that is undertaken in meant to fulfill or be in line with the business mission. MissionTo apply and make maximum use of the existing expertise and skills in the company which have been achieved through its long term trading in coffee and tea, The company has expertise and skills inTasting of coffee and teaThe blending of coffee and teaRoasting of coffee and tea to develop innovative tea and coffee for the customers (the young and the old)The mission also aims at further developing the portfolios of its target customers and attains business growth through the expansion of their presence in the North West of England. Other aspects that are important to D J mile & co limitedBuild customer loyaltyCreate a sense the customersStrive to be a well-recognized brand in England and the rest of the world2.0 External Marketing Audit2.1 Macro environmentThe macro-environment of a business entity is comprised of all the main external and unmanageable aspects that influence an organization's decision-making process, and it in one way affect the organization's performance and strategies (Armstrong & Kotler 2007, p.

102). The macro-environment scrutinizes the overall business atmosphere in relation to the organization but does not have anything to with the organization. Factors that are considered under the macro environment of an organization include: the economic factorsenvironmental factorssociological factorspolitical factorslegal factorstechnological factorsThe PESTEL analysis is one of the major frameworks of a business and it mainly consists of all the vital features that are applied when scanning the business environment as a core part of the advanced management of the organization.

This section deals with the pestle analysis of D J Miles & co limited. The figure below clearly depicts the elements of the PESTLE analysis. Adapted from http: //ignitestrategicsolutions. files. wordpress. com/2011/07/pestle-analysis-diagram. jpg2.1.1 PoliticalPolitical factors in the PESTEL analysis signifies the way business is affected he the government and also the extent to which the local government have an influence on the economy and also to a specific business. The aspects that are classified under this category include aspects such asthe policies implemented by the governmentenvironmental lawstax policylabor lawstariffstrade restrictionBased on the evaluation of the political factors there seem to be no significant political factors that are anticipated to affect the strategic development of D J miles & co limited. 2.1.2 EconomicA countries economy is highly unpredictable and it is generally achieved through a blend of several factors.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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