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Executive summaryThis is a marketing plan for Dell Inspiron M101z. Dell was the fourth largest market shareholder of portable computers if iPad is included in the first quarter of 2011 (Dell, 2012). This marketing plan aims at increasing awareness about Dell Inspiron M101z to about 70% within our target market and attaining 50% interest in the device among the target market that is aware of the product. It also aims at ensuring that Dell Inspiron M101z is the possible choice at least 40% of the time and that customers select it over other laptops at least 30% of the time.

Finally, the plan aims building adoption of more than 80% (Dell, 2012). Premium pricing will be used and distribution of the device will be through web selling and through various distributors around the world who will ensure the device is available in most electronic retail outlets around the globe. The strategies to be used to promote Dell Inspiron M101z will include web marketing, sales promotion, direct mail, public relations, trade fairs and exhibitions, advertising and sponsorship. Current Marketing Situation Currently, Dell markets its products mainly through advertisements.

This is carried out through newspapers, websites and outdoor advertisements. Even though this strategy is good for increasing the sales of its products no new awareness is created. Thus in this marketing plan, the firm will incorporate promotional activities such as sponsorship to increase awareness among target market. Market Description Personal computer (PC) market is in its maturity stage in most parts of the world. As such, dell’s sales from PCs have been on decline. Dell had price advantage due to its ultra-lean manufacturing for desktops (Dell, 2012).

However, in recent times the market has shifted to laptops. Moreover, in recent times, consumers are increasingly visiting electronic retail shops to buy PCs and laptops instead of purchasing them via the web or on the phone (the preferred mode of sales by Dell). Dell is the second largest market shareholder in PC market. In the first quarter of 2011, it accounted for 23.1% of PC shipments to the United States of America and 12.6% worldwide PC shipments (Dell, 2012). However, in the arena of portable computing Apple dominates the notebook market if iPad is included.

Based on quarter 2 statistics of 2011, Dell is the fourth largest market shareholder of portable computers if iPad is included. IPad were included in the statistics because tablets seem to be cannibalizing computer sales. If the iPad are not included, the statistics indicated that Dell is the third largest market shareholder. Why Dell Inspiron M101z? Dell Inspiron M101z is one the new products in the market and many people are not aware of it. It is an upgrade from notebook and provides advantages associated with both notebooks and laptops.

This marketing plan will enable the firm to create awareness of the product and help in its adoption. Dell is now focusing more on production of laptops as opposed to PCs. This is because the PC market seems to have matured and sales from these products are on decline. Many people are now interested in portable, efficient and affordable laptops and this is the gap that is being filled by Dell Inspiron M101z. As a result, increased sales of the Dell Inspiron M101z will imply that the firm’s revenue will be greatly increased.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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