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The paper "Marketing Plan for Callan Property " is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   The 10 houses that are under-construction are strategically-located across Perth metropolitan with the furthest being in Joondalup, 25-minute train ride to Perth's CBD. This location will be so attractive to people working in Perth’ s Central Business District hence a preferred option for this category of people. All the ten houses are within a 15-minute-walk to the railway station. This assures the prospective tenants of the availability of transport unlike in other settlements that are far from the train station and thus inconveniencing them.

These houses will thus be the best option for people who wish to have quick access to the train station. The houses will be a unique type in Perth as it will consist of a house with four self-contained-apartments units. This will thus be attractive to tenants who want to have some level of privacy and also avoid the problems of having to share some sanitary with the other tenants (Cohen, 2006). The P-04 house has a covered 4-car car pod. The tenants will be ensured of ample parking of their cars and also ensure their security. The backyard is landscaped with a sheltered entertainment area for the use of the tenants.

The potential tenants will have a spacious ground to welcome and entertain their visitors without having to go miles to look for these facilities. Each tenant will have their own sub-meter and therefore, they will not have to cost-share the electricity usage bill. The tenants will prefer this as they will be able to utilize these facilities well and also be cost-effective through proper use and control. Callan Homes is recognized as one of the most exclusive luxury home builders in Perth.

As a matter of fact, Callan Homes has a portfolio of over 30 home choice from which a prospective house buyer can make a choice. Weaknesses: The Callan home designs or the concepts are seldom proprietary. It is therefore not worth registering these designs since it is very easy for the competitors to get around it possibly by making only slight modifications to the original designs. This will mean that their competitive edge will be lowered for the competitors will come up with a similar design and pose competition in the same sector. Opportunities There is the possibility of high return given the unique nature of this property-rental concept, business model.

If this property is rent for business use the management can raise the rent and this will mean high return from the investment. There exists a niche for rental-accommodation with a difference to suit the varying needs of the tenants. The preferred choice of rental premises for most tenants have not been met by the previous apartments and Callan property will offer this kind of accommodation to suit the varying needs of these types of tenants. The current rental-homes are average houses which have been purchased by investors in order to lease them out.

They are usually not designed for numerous strangers living below one roof. The parking difficulty is also among the problems and the inconveniences faced by the individual tenants


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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