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The paper "Marketing Plan for Nokia N8 from Nokia Inc" is a perfect example of a marketing case study. Marketing communication is the process by which a firm’ s information and its offerings are released to a certain segment of the market. Communication is essential in informing the buyer of the availability of an offering, its unique benefits and where and how to obtain and use the offering (Becker and Arnold, 2010). Integrated marketing communication plan is a framework for the development, implementation and the control of the integrated marketing communication program of the organization (Bidgoli, 2010).

It helps in the evaluation of the current situation of the firm. It is also fundamental in the determination of the role to be played by each element of the promotion mix. It also helps in developing strategies for each element of the promotion mix. The IMC plan enables a firm to plan for the implementation of elements of the promotion mix. Finally, IMC helps in the evaluation of the results from the implementation of the elements of the promotion mix. In this paper, we write an integrated marketing plan for Nokia N8 from Nokia Inc. Background Nokia is a Finnish multinational corporation involved the production of mobile devices in addition to converging industries and internet.

The corporation is headquartered in the capital city of Finland, Keilaniemi, Espoo (Nokia, 2011). The history of the firm dates back to 1865. The corporation operates in over 120 countries and its products are sold in over 150 countries. As of 2010, the firm had an operating profit of € 2 billion (Nokia, 2011). By the second quarter of 2011, Nokia had a global market share of 23% making it the largest manufacturer of mobile devices in the world.

the corporation has mobile devices for all market segments (Becker and Arnold, 2010). The company conducts research and development, sale and production of mobile devices in several nations. The corporation also has a Nokia Research centre which is its industrial unit that was founded in 1986 (Nokia, 2011). The unit has about 500 scientists, engineers and researchers. The unit has sites in USA, UK, India, China, Kenya and Switzerland. The company is listed on the Helsinki, New York and Frankfurt stock exchanges.

The firm has three operating segments: the Nokia Siemens Networks; the Devices & services; and NAVTEQ segments (Nokia, 2011). The Nokia Siemens Networks is involved in the provision of fixed network infrastructure, mobile network infrastructure, networks and communications service platforms, and professional business and services solutions to service providers and operators. The devices and services segment is involved in the development and management of the firm’ s portfolio of mobile products and the design and development of services. The NAVTEQ is involved in the provision of digital map information, location-based content and services for automotive navigation systems, mobile navigation devices, government and business solutions and internet-based mapping applications.

The Nokia N8 was a 2010 flagship product of Nokia. It was launched in September 2010. The phone is a symbian^3 Smartphone (Nokia, 2011). The phone’ s features include a pentaband 3.5G radio, a 12-megapixel camera, image-based gesture recognition, HDMI output, Wi-Fi 8002.11b/g/n, and USB On-The-Go. In spite high number of pre-orders of Nokia N8, its sales have been lagging (Nokia, 2011).

The product has not been marketed in major markets such as Japan and its sales were expected to be halted in North America this October to pave way for its first Windows Phone 7 models (Nokia, 2011). Thus there is a need to increase sales in other markets for the phone to compensate for the North American market. This marketing plan provides marketing initiative proposals for other markets apart from North America.


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