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The paper "Marketing Plan for Pretty Girl Company" is a great example of a marketing case study.   Pretty Girl Company is a company that intends to produce and market different wears for young girls in the market. The wears will be girl-child oriented and should be modern in such a way that they can be expected to the stands of the modern-urban girl-child. The purpose of the company is to ensure that cost-effective and most affordable clothing for the girl-child is produced and at the same time ensure a variety of choices for the customer in the market.

The purpose of this marketing plan document is to show how the firm is geared towards invading the retail market, in particular, the one on girl-child wears. The document will be divided into two major parts namely: the process and the product parts. The process part of this document intends to show in detail the processes that the company will apply to ensure that a good product service is created, communicated, delivered and creates values through exchange with the customer for the business. The product part of the document will show the product strategy and how the product will create value for the target market by looking at such aspects as positioning, branding, service and package. Part 1: Process From the marketing concept, the firm recognizes that finding a way to understand and serve the unfulfilled customer desires is very paramount in knowing what kind of product should be created.

With this mind, therefore, it becomes very necessary to come up with a sequence of all the events that will be committed from the beginning to delivering the final product to the market for sale (Ziethmal and Bitner 2003).

This plan recognizes that an effective marketing process must identify the ways to create an effective product, communicate with the producer, deliver the product to the market and cause value exchange between the customer and the firm. It is with this regard that this marketing plan is purposed to tackle four main aspects that comprise the production process and which include product creation, communicating with the producer, delivering the product and exchanging the offer with the customer. Product creation The market analysis approach will be used to determine the existing gap between what the market wants and what is being offered currently and this is in respect to young girls clothing.

This is basically important in exploring the available market opportunities that can be demonstrated in the form of unfulfilled needs among the customers. The reason for doing the market analysis also is to establish what are the preferred models and fashions among young girls in particular who are living in urban areas. For instance, the analysis is expected to explore the available market opportunities for such wears for girls as tops, skirts and dresses, trousers and exercising pants, jackets, tights, socks, nightwears, footwears and swimwears as well as school wear.

This is to ensure that the company is fully aware of the kind of clothing that the market is preferred most and if there is a need to develop and launch new fashions for the young girls. This is especially important in helping the firm in making an informed decision on which product to put more emphasis on and if there is need to stock its stores with new fashions (Craik 2007).

Considering the company trends will also be critical at this point is ensuring that it does not bring into the market what is not relevant and that cannot add any value into the business and the customer. Good situational analysis will also help avoid a situation where a lot of spending is done to bring into the market the products which their need no longer exist (Craik 2007).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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