Essays on Marketing Strategies of Virgin Australia Case Study

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The paper 'Marketing Strategies of Virgin Australia" is a great example of a marketing case study. According to Gibbs (1988) application of structured debriefing reinforced the findings of Kolb’ s reflecting learning cycle (Gibbs, 1988). I have always acknowledged marketing plans as essential tools for marketers since they provide direction for a brand, product or organization. It was a learning point to develop a marketing plan for international airlines, Virgin Australia. I learned to describe and analyze its marketing environment, marketing objectives and marketing strategies. Through the report, I gained a lot of knowledge and theories of marketing management and planning based on the analysis of international airlines of Virgin Australia in detail.

I came across clear definitions of product lines, target markets, market share, and market size of the airline's inconsistent growth to achieve the result of market analysis. In the initial studies, I went in-depth to dissect the international airlines of Virgin Australia by applying a marketing mix strategy. I was able to identify and compare the two principal competitors by defining their impact on the macro environment on international airlines.

Notwithstanding was the use of SWOT analysis to evaluate its business environment. I have never had an opportunity to learn how air transport operates or makes its profits. Through the report and SWOT analysis, I learned that Virgin Australia was earlier known as Virgin Blue Holdings Limited, established in Brisbane, Queensland in 2000. I got to know the owner as Richard Branson and the CEO as John Borghetti of Virgin Group. My experience with their strategic goals was remarkable since they have established elaborate ways to grab more market share of business travelers.

I learned of their new service standards and dress code. I feel that their choice of routes was fantastic especially their plans for the long haul international airlines. So far, Virgin Australia’ s domestic airlines covered 22 greatest cities in Australia and it operated eight international airlines. I believe the company has the focus and determination to rival other giants like Qantas and Tiger. In the situational analysis, nothing comes greater than knowing behaviors of competitors, and the market situation of any international airline.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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